For many decades, we have looked to French women for their effortless beauty tips and inspiration. French skincare products are popping out everywhere and anywhere. Do you know that when it comes to French skincare, it can be as simple as ‘do nothing and still look incredible’? The tips are actually to focus on amazing skincare and use quality products.

Melvita, the French organic beauty care since 1983 is no stranger to many of us. Just like many other brands, Melvita is constantly innovating and creating captivating and high-performance formulas to meet everyone’s needs. By selecting the pure, natural ingredients and blends them to create true nectar of beauty, it is the pioneer beauty brand from south of France.

With the number 4th point of sales, it is also the first ever Melvita kiosk in the world IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, Malaysia! The brand new kiosk occupies a floor space of 350 square feet and offers a complete range of organic beauty care such as body care, skin care and many more. For us, it remains its down-to-earth approach and continues to drive a crucial objective in encouraging people to go organic in their beauty routines and products.

To let you know more about the importance of going organic, Melvita’s new kiosk has come out with a corner that amplifies on the roots of how Melvita was formed and what does the brand truly represents. It also helps to take you on a healthy adventure in regards to the growth of this brand to where it is now. To make it even more special, there are Hexagon Chandeliers that resemble beehives right about the wall in regards to representing Melvita’s Bee origins.



If you don’t know about this hero product of Melvita, Argan Oil is among the high-quality beauty oils that aim to meet the brand’s organic image and requirement. For centuries, Argan Oil has been renowned for its repairing properties, ideal for dry and fragile skin and for its softening and protective benefits.

Thus, you need to explore the new Melvita’s Kiosk concept and play a part in offering organic on this holiday!

Address: Lot GK3A, Ground Floor, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.


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