This world is abuzz with the many benefits of nature’s gifts and one of them is lemon. It has antiseptic properties and some say, bleaching properties too. But before you grab the lemon to lighten your underarm, consider these facts and look for safer alternative ways.

It’s one thing to concoct home DIY solutions to your needs, but we also have to be aware and weary about what we’re putting on ourselves. Keeping it all natural shouldn’t be a problem, right? But there are some concerns.


Believe it or not – lemon juice can actually make things worse

We’ve all seen the before and after photos of how rubbing lemon juice can alter or lighten the appearance of your underarms. But in a recent article on Huffington Post, two certified dermatologist share caution against it.

Our underarms tend to darken with age and because of inflammation caused by irritation of topical treatments or creams, or simply because of our genetic disposition. It can also be a result of hormonal problems, diabetes, or an allergic reaction to deodorants.

The two dermatologists want to shed light on a skin condition called phytophotodermatitis, which occurs when you develop a painful or unsightly burn from the acids found in fruits. This can hyperpigment the skin and is why using lemon juice is not a recommended solution.


Instead, try cleansing your underarm with honey or exfoliate with a gentle cleanser and wash cloth. Do not apply too much pressure and do not be too aggressive. Hydrating oils and moisturising deodorants will help to maintain smooth and healthy underarms.

If your dark underarms persist and you are strongly bothered by it, please do consult your GP or a specialist before delving into skin bleaching products. You may need stronger products that only a prescription can get you and Retin-A could be one of them.

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So again, you need to understand what could be causing your dark underarms if it’s severe and get the right treatment for you. Think twice before you reach for that lemon, because that could actually be making things worse for you.

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