YSL Beauty Unveils MYSLF Fragrance with Immersive Pop-Up in Kuala Lumpur

YSL Beauty took over the iconic REXKL venue on February 28th, 2024, to celebrate the launch of their bold new fragrance, MYSLF. This exclusive pop-up activation event, opened to 300 distinguished guests including press, celebrities, and trendsetters, marked the arrival of the latest addition to the YSL Beauty’s male fragrance collection.

REXKL was transformed into a sleek and sophisticated space, echoing the monochromatic elegance of the MYSLF fragrance bottle. Matte black textures and concrete accents set the scene, while light projections and strategically placed mirrors played into the theme of self-discovery, enticing guests to capture photo-worthy moments.

From left to right: Irvine Quek, Alton Ang, Jack Gohr, Nadhir Nasar, Meerqeen, Zhen Ning, NYK, Hun Haqeem, Han Pin Ma, DJ Blink
From left to right: DJ FVDER, Alfred Sun, Benjamin Kheng, Desmond Tan, Zaireen Ibrahim (YSL Beauté General Manager), Glenn Yong, Jun Jie, Shawn Soh, Junz Loke

The event witnessed the presence of Malaysia’s top celebrities and influencers like Meerqeen, Nadhir Nasar, and Hun Haqeem, alongside renowned Singaporean actors and singers such as Desmond Tan, Glenn Yong, and Benjamin Kheng.

The evening was further enlivened by electrifying DJ sets by local talents BAD M.O.B and Ashley Lau, followed by a performance by Singaporean DJ, FVDER.

Guests at the Find MYSLF Booth
Guests at the Discover MYSLF Booth

The MYSLF Fragrance Pop-Up offered an interactive experience for guests through various engagement zones. Celebrating the multifaceted nature of modern masculinity, this event encouraged attendees to embrace self-discovery at the puzzle booth, exploring the unique notes of MYSLF, or striking a pose in YSL Beauty’s iconic photo booth.

Following the exclusive launch event, the MYSLF Fragrance Pop-Up remained open to the public from March 1st to 3rd, 2024. Visitors were invited to embark on their own journey of self-discovery with the new fragrance, indulge in a complimentary cup of coffee or a MYSLF-inspired mocktail, and take home a discovery kit.

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