With fall and winter coming up, many brands have been releasing with fall/winter perfumes. The changing of seasons means new perfumes to complement the cooler weather.

However, if you have a personal preference or loyal towards certain brands, by all means, you can wear your favourite perfume all year round. This article is not about encouraging you to switch up your perfume according to the season but just a knowledge to share with you the differences between summer and winter perfumes.

Image: noiportal.hu
Image: noiportal.hu

So, what are the differences between summer and winter perfumes?

Before a new perfume is being created and developed, it is important for chemists working in the fragrance laboratories to know when the perfume is intended to be worn. This is for them to measure the exact measurements of the ingredients needed, from top notes, middle notes, to base notes.

Some perfumes work better during the Spring and Summer, while others are better worn during the Fall and Winter seasons.

Summer perfumes are lighter as it contains less of the strong lingering base notes. Hence when summer comes, it is recommended to swap out heavy scented perfumes for ligther ones that will leave you smelling airy and fresh. If a fragrance is heavy and strong in the summer it can be overwhelming.

Image: Tumblr
Image: Tumblr

On the other hand, winter perfumes generally contain heavier and warm scents because during winter your body’s temperature is generally lower. Therefore your usual perfume feels a little muted.

Our body heat causes perfume to project farther and evaporate quicker. To sum it up, opt for a light floral and citrus notes during summer because of the heat. When using summer perfume during the winter, the scent would get muted in the cold weather in winter. Therefore, in winter, go for perfume which has a sweeter and stronger concentration that smell similar to desserts such as vanilla, rose, and caramel.

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