#NewIn Kiehl’s: “Made For All” Gentle Body Cleanser

Honoring the pillars of its new new sustainability platform Made Better™, Kiehl’s has formulated a new “Made For All” Gentle Body Cleanser which is formulated with Sustainably-Sourced Aloe Vera and Hand-Harvested Soap Tree Extract, and made with 95% naturally derived and 100% biodegradable ingredients.

MADE FOR ALL - GLOBAL PHASE INThe packaging of the body cleanser is also made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials, keeps Kiehl’s families clean, while doing the brand’s part to keep the planet healthy.

Made_For_All_Gentle_Body_Wash_Texture_01The unique gelee texture and featherweight foam of the gentle body cleanser effectively cleanses and imparts a skin-freshening aroma without stripping essential moisture, leaving skin feeling soft, clean and comfortable.

This body cleanser is suitable for all skin types, genders, and ages 3+. It is gentle enough for use on body, face, and hair as it has been paediatrician tested for tolerance.

K+ Made Better™

Kiehl’s K+ Made Better™, is a new brand platform which connects Kiehl’s ongoing efforts in sustainability – through formulation, packaging, manufacturing and recycling, and community commitments, to the aspirations of Kiehl’s customers in an authentic and differentiated way. The 5 main pillars of sustainability includes:

  1. Using Naturally Derived Ingredients
  2. Investing in Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
  3. Using Post-Consumer Recycled Goods
  4. Responsible Packaging & Manufacturing
  5. Kiehl’s Gives – Charitable pillars to give back to the communities

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