Discover Your Louis Vuitton Les Parfums Scent At Louis Vuitton KLCC

You can now have a whiff of Louis Vuitton Les Parfums collection which was recently launched in Louis Vuitton KLCC boutique and the collection is only available at that boutique.

Discover Your Louis Vuitton Les Parfums Scent At Louis Vuitton KLCC-Pamper.myThe Les Parfums collection is a series of seven floral fragrances designed and created by Maître Parfumeur Jacques Cavallier Belletrud to invoke the wanderlust in you the moment it touches your skin. He traveled the world for four years to perfect the first collection of Louis Vuitton perfumes.

Some of the perfumes are infused with Louis Vuitton leather too!

Les Parfums Louis Vuitton is only available at Louis Vuitton, KLCC and each retails at RM990 (100ml) and RM1,510 (200ml).

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Source: Louis Vuitton

Discover Your Louis Vuitton Les Parfums

1. Rose Des Vents

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums, Rose Des

A navigator’s indispensable tool, the rose des vents – or compass – is the traveller’s faithful companion. Maître Parfumeur Jacques Cavallier Belletrud transports us to the middle of a field of roses in Grasse where this singular flower seems to breathe. Sleek and stately thanks to iris and cedar, this perfume takes on glazed accents as it comes into contact with pepper. Gradually, the composition becomes as delicate as the skin of a velvety fruit.

2. Turbulences

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums,

Inspired by a feeling akin to love at first sight, the perfume Turbulences pays tribute to the most narcotic of flowers: the tuberose. Fused with the most precious petals of jasmine and a light touch of leather.

3. Dans La Peau

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums, Dans La

An exclusive infusion of natural leather from Louis Vuitton’s workshops intertwined with accents of almost-candied apricot, jasmine from Grasse and sambac jasmine from China. Then, absolute of narcissus appears, followed by a chorus of musk. Invoking your sense of desire.

4. Apogée

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums, Apogé

A poetic elixir of innocence where a radiant lily-of-the-valley enlaces with petals of jasmine, magnolia and rose. A base of subtly smoky guaiac wood and sandalwood essence support the bouquet like slender stems reaching skyward.

5. Contre Moi

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums, Contre

Ever fascinated by vanilla, Maître Parfumeur Jacques Cavallier Belletrud transports it to uncharted territory by giving it unprecedented freshness where Madagascar and Tahitensis vanilla blend in a delicate tulle of orange flower, rose and magnolia petals. A subtle touch of bitter cocoa reaffirms the perfume’s rebellious temperament.

6. Matière Noire

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums, Matière

A journey through the darkest, most precious woods, namely patchouli and Laos agarwood where the agarwood’s animal notes are intensified by blackcurrant and contrasted with the whiteness of narcissus and jasmine, a floral vibration that cuts the darkness like a comet. Plumes of sacred notes unfurl on the skin.

7. Mille Feux

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums, Mille

On a visit to one of Louis Vuitton’s leather ateliers, Maître Parfumeur Jacques Cavallier Belletrud saw a craftsman transforming raspberry-coloured leather into a luxurious handbag. The skin as bright as ripe fruit gave him an idea: to associate the scent of leather with that of the berry. He shaped the composition with osmanthus, a white flower with an animal and apricot scent, iris and saffron.