innisfree Launches an Eco-Friendly ‘Re-stay’ Hair & Body Line

Korean beauty brand Innisfree has recently launched the re-stay Line, a premium lifestyle line with eco-friendly products designed for body and mind’s indulgence and relaxation. This minimal body care line features a hand wash, shampoo, body cleanser, and body lotion inrefill packaging. A recycled dispenser is also introduced alongside the product for easy refill and usage.

All products in the re-stay line are made with a clean beauty formula that contains a low allergen fragrance and is free from unnecessary ingredients. They are formulated with Jeju Herbal Complex™ that’s combined with Jeju Aloe, Jeju Paddy Rice, Jeju Prickly Pear, Echinacea and Samda Glutinous Millet – for excellent moisturization and relaxation, and a signature green, woody fragrance.

re-stay Embracing Hand Wash

This re-stay Embracing Hand Wash (RM86.00/480ml) features a rich gel formula containing 37.6% Green Tea Water that hydrates dry hands and leaves them moisturised after washing. It contains sweet almond seed cake and coconut-derived cleansing ingredients that create a soft and fine foam that smooth micro flakes on the hands. Its herbal, floral, woody scent reminds you of a relaxing retreat to the woods.

re-stay Calming Shampoo

This re-stay Calming Shampoo (RM77.00/480ml) rich in plant energy ingredients for silky soft and hydrated hair. This clean beauty shampoo creates a foamy lather with coconut-derived cleansing ingredients that adhere closely to the scalp to help cleanse and nourish hair. It uses water soluble polymer technology to form a natural conditioning coating layer for shiny, silky hair, without any silicone oil. It carries an aromatic, woody scent that reminds you of fresh green figs and lemon trees to comfort the soul.

re-stay Comforting Body Cleanser

This re-stay Comforting Body Cleanser (RM86.00/480ml) creates a rich lather with coconut-derived cleansing ingredients and its Jeju Herbal Complex™ extract leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated. It contains micro-sized walnut shells and fine rice flour scrub to cleanse dead skin cells and greasiness gently, leaving your skin feeling smooth. It carries the soft smell of nature reminiscent of a morning walk in the dewy, juniper tree forest which comforts and relaxes the body.

re-stay Comforting Body Lotion

This re-stay Comforting Body Lotion (RM86.00/480ml) rich in Green Tea Essence (Green Tea Extract 20,000ppm) delivers intense hydration and nourishment to soothe the skin. It also contains meadowfoam seed oil which has excellent moisturising benefits. It carries the gentle scent of the dewy juniper tree forest that relaxes the sense and calms the mind and body.

re-stay re-spenser

This reusable re-stay re-spenser (RM26.00/350ml) has been designed with a modern, minimalistic design that comes with a wide opening that can be separated into 3 pieces for easy refill and cleaning. This dispenser is made from discarded coconut shell (5%) and minerals (25%) as part of innisfree’s “Plastic-Less” initiative. Alternatively, this re-spenser can be repurposed as a flower vase, toothbrush holder, or anything else your creativity will let you dream up!

You will be entitled to a FREE re-spenser when you buy any item from the re-stay line from 1 – 30 June 2021, while stocks last.

The re-stay line is available now at innisfree stores nationwide. For more information, visit their website at, or follow innisfree’s Facebook and Instagram.

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