Body odour happens as a result of over sweating, especially through our underarms. It’s an embarrassing frustration that can lead to many sorts of social and professional issues.
While the process of applying deodorant might seem self-explanatory, there’s actually a pretty substantial margin of error.

Here are a few tricks you can implement to increase the effectiveness of your deodorant.

1. Wear deodorant at night before bed. Applying your antiperspirant at night is more effective than swiping it on when you first wake up in the morning. Nighttime is the best time to apply deodorant because it won’t be blocked by sweat and it will have plenty of time to do its job more effectively.”

2. Don’t over apply. Our deo is a bit different. A little goes a long way! We designed our formula to be applied in small amounts to avoid problems like staining or stickiness. Put on the brakes and start smaller than usual–try just a couple swipes for starters. We know you might be used to slathering on deodorant, but trust us on this one. You’ll be glad you did.


3. Beware micro-abrasions. Be careful with that razor! Shaving causes microscopic cuts to your skin, and applying deodorant immediately afterwards can irritate them. Be sure to give your underarms some breathing time after shaving, and swap out that razor regularly to get the cleanest shave.

4. Keep it fresh. Keep those underarms clean! Be sure to lather up and wash thoroughly to eliminate oils and bacteria that can contribute to body odor–giving your underarms some regular TLC goes a long way.

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