Armani Beauty Unveils the first Armani/Privé Haute Couture Fragrances collection exhibition “L’Exposition” at Shanghai

For the first time ever, Armani’s iconic fragrances have taken over Shanghai Exhibition Center in a grand exhibition titled “L’Exposition“, hosted by Armani Beauty. From 10th to 26th February, guests could explore the quintessence of the Armani/Privé Haute Couture fragrances collection and discover how Giorgio Armani’s haute couture sensibilities are reimagined as olfactory creations.

The opening ceremony on the 10th February was graced with presence of notable figures such as Jackson Yee, Armani beauty Global Ambassador, Elaine Zhong, Armani beauty face, Yao Tong, Armani beauty China Ambassador, and Jackson Wang, Asia-Pacific Armani Fragrances ambassador, actors and notable guests among whom were Jenny Zhang, Maizi, and Austin Li.

Jackson Yee
Jackson Wang
Jenny Zhang

There are four collections within the Armani/Privé range – Les Eaux, La Collection, Les Terres Précieuses, and Les Mille et Une Nuits; as well as a selection of limited-edition fragrances that directly interpret individual Armani/Privé Haute Couture collections: Les Éditions Couture. Each collection conveys emotion, freedom, and intimacy, while offering a rich olfactory interpretation of Giorgio Armani’s inspirations.

Les Eaux
Les Terres Précieuses
Les Mille et Une Nuits

L’Exposition is a dynamic exhibition experience brought to life by Giorgio Armani/Privé Fragrances. Capturing the spirit of each fragrance collection within its own tailored universe, an intricate structure of golden arches encases film projections illuminating the transition between atmospheres. Gifting viewers with a one-of-a-kind sensory and visual journey, this ambitious concept solidifies the sophisticated character of Armani/Privé fragrances into an unforgettable story.

The Armani/Privé Haute Couture Fragrances – L’Exposition exhibition is open to the public until 26th February at China’s Shanghai Exhibition Center.

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