A Sensory Cultural Journey with diptyque’s Le Grand Tour Collection

To mark its 4th chapter of 60th anniversary celebration, diptyque, the French parfumerie Maison launches ‘Le Grand Tour‘, a limited-edition of five perfumed creations collection, inspired by the Maision’s favourite destinations – from Paris to Byblos, with stop-overs in Venice, Kyoto and Milies. These magical destinations have been reimagined by the perfumers of the Maison in a form of candles, perfumes, and scented ovals, to set off on a journey to encounter artisans committed in perpetuating ancestral savoir-faire.


Paris scented candle and lid 190g (RM450)

The first stopover of Le Grand Tour, Paris and its Left Bank, is illustrated in a scented candle created by Olivia Giacobetti that has been conceived as a Parisian stroll. The classic Paris candle is wandering in its verdigris attire, in and out of the bookshops and antiquarians. In its wake, the fragrances of waxed wood, old books, and the mineral notes of the Paris cobbles. The candle is presented with a lid of sculpted black wood inspired by the design of old diptyque candle stands.


Venise Set of 3 travel size eau de toilette, 3×7.5ml (RM409)

Venice, the second stopover on the journey, reimagined in a travel-size set containing three travelling bottles of the new Venice-themed perfume created by Cécile Matton, plus a bottle-size carrying pouch specially decorated with a picture from the archives of the Maison. You will be transporting on journey in the vegetable gardens of the Serenissima lagoon, Mediterranean breezes, and herbal scents in the early morning freshness – through the fragrance of earth mingling with that of bell peppers, tomatoes, and citrus fruits.


Milles Scented Oval, 35g (RM379)

The paths of Mount Pelion start by the sea and reach Milies in Greece, the third stop-over of Le Grand Tour. The scented oval created by Olivier Pescheux retraces in scents the roads that reached from the coast up to Pelion. The spicy scent of immortelle mingles with the cool Mediterranean wind before warming up next to sun-drenched fig trees. In this composition, the warm-cool mélange of spicy and woody aromatic notes evokes the contrasts and richness of this journey to the heart of Greece. The pearls on the scented oval are inspired by a necklace designed by Christiane Gautrot, while the accompanying pompom borrows elements of Greek craftsmanship.


Kyoto Eau de toilette and furoshiki wrap, 100ml (RM789)

The fourth stopover on this journey, Kyoto – illustrated in a limited-edition eau de toilette, inspired by Ikebana, the art of Japanese floral composition, created by Alexandra Carlin based on three notes: the rose, incense, and vetiver that represent the people, the heavens, and the earth. It’s a woody floral creation with the refined grace of an ikebana arrangement of roses and branches. Presented in the furoshiki tradition, the bottle is wrapped in a fabric printed with the Sarayi pattern created by diptyque’s founders.


Byblos Scented Candle, 300g (RM699)

The final stopover of the journey, the ancient coastal city of Byblos, the oldest port in the world that has been reimagined by Fabrice Pellegrin in a large scented candle with notes of roasted coffee and cedar, housed in a marbled-clay vessel inspired by wisps of coffee smoke.

Available for a limited-edition time, you can shop the diptyque Le Grand Tour collection at the Maison’s Pavilion KL Boutique, KENS Apothecary Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bangsar Village II, One Utama, KLCC & The Gardens, or get them online from kensapothecary.com.my/products/brand/diptyque/.

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