What is the basic skin care in your beauty regime? Be it a toner, primers, facial brushes, there are some beauty products that you should not overuse as it actually can be hazardous to our health. Read here to know what are the 5 beauty products that you should not overuse!

  1. Primers

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Most of the primers are silicone-based and the silicone will lay on top of your skin. It allows our skin to go on smoother over pores and make our make up last longer, but it can also trap sweat and oils in them. Thus it will cause breakouts easily. Be sure to use a great cleanser to remove makeup every time when you get home.

2. Retinol

Retinol is an essential part for some of our skincare routine. It comes in different formulas and you can find it everywhere on the skin care market. However, some of the certified dermatologists are not advising us to use it as when retinol is too strong for certain skin types, it can cause burning or peeling effect on our skin.

3. Facial brushes

Image: www.i5.walmartimages.com
Image: www.i5.walmartimages.com

I guess most of us are using this wonderful tool to help us get our faces extra clean. Facial brushes can actually be pretty rough on skin that may cause dry skin, acne and other possible symptoms. Use it few days a week at night after you put on makeup, but do not use it too often.

4. Vaseline

Image: www.my-live-03.slatic.ne
Image: www.my-live-03.slatic.ne

As vaseline petroleum jelly works from the inside out, repairing and protecting dry skin and locking in moisture, most of us are using it almost every day and night. While applying it, it can lock and prevent additional moisture or air from penetrating to our skin. In results, it can cause our skin drier at the end.

5. Medicated lip products

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Most of our lips get dry and chapped and we need to fix it. However, when we become too reliant on the medicated lip products, our lip will start to depend on the lip conditioner to stay moisturized. To fix this problem, try to use medicated lip products with another non-medicated lip conditioner to stay moisturized.

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