Japanese Wagyu beef is famed for its texture, flavor and aroma. As an effort to allow its consumers in identifying the authentic halal-certified Wagyu beef from Japan, Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council will introduce QR Code technology for all Japanese Wagyu beef. The QR Code enables meat handlers, restaurants, supermarkets and end consumers to know accurately with detailed information such as the breed, prefecture of farm, date of birth, date of slaughter and more, on the traceability of the meat and to have the assurance of its origins and authenticity.

QR Code for Japan Wagyu Beef

To check for authenticity, customers can look out for the official logo which is an outline of a cow’s head against the backdrop of the Japan flag, with the words “Beef JAPAN” and the QR code, which will be introduced in stages.

At the Wagyu Seminar and Tasting Session held at Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur last week, the Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council shared the process of the QR code technology system followed by Wagyu beef cutting, cooking demo and tasting session.

Japan began exporting halal Wagyu to Malaysia in 2017 and the premium meat is now available in many restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. On a global scale, wagyu beef has seen a 400% increase in exports over the last five years and the Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council expects a steady growth in demand as more restaurants become aware of the superior quality and taste of Japanese Wagyu beef.

Visit http://jlec-pr.jp/beef for more information.

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