The Kotex® Batik Collection hit the runway at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) 2019 last week with its vibrant and colourful batik motifs that you have probably seen on its limited edition Batik print sanitary pads.

In front of a packed audience that included special guest YB Hannah Yeoh, Deputy Minister
of Women, Family and Community Development, the Kotex® Batik Collection brought an
exciting new element to KLFW by marking the first time a leading Feminine Care brand such as Kotex® has been featured on the fashion runways of Malaysia.

SHE CAN! Kotex, the leading feminine care brand, showcased the Kotex Batik Collection in collaboration with up-and-coming designer Seza Zulkeple and Batik Boutique. From L-R:
– Martina Jezdikova, Marketing Director of Kotex, Kimberly-Clark Trading (M) Sdn Bhd,
– YB Hannah Yeoh, Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development,
– Seza Zulkeple, Designer,
– Andrew Tan, Founder of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week,
– Raj Sunder, Marketing Director of Kotex, Kimberly-Clark Trading (M) Sdn Bhd,
– Frenissa Lagman, Marketing Manager of Kotex, Kimberly-Clark Trading (M) Sdn Bhd,
– Amy Blair, Founder of Batik Boutique.

Enabled and empowered by Kotex®, the collection features modernised batik prints created by the female artisans of Batik Boutique, a social enterprise focused on upskilling the Bottom 40 segment and brought to life by the designs of up-and-coming Malaysian designer, Seza Zulkeple.

These bold Batik prints first caught the public’s eye with the Kotex® Limited-Edition Batik
packs, launched in July this year. The batik prints were used creatively in Kotex® packaging, perfectly marrying form, function and fashion. The Kotex® Limited-Edition Batik also stays true to aim of the Kotex® #SHECAN global movement to empower young women.

Frenissa Lagman, Marketing Manager, Kimberly-Clark said that Kotex® is committed to
bringing about societal change globally to help young women challenge outdated perceptions and empower them to achieve more. The partnerships with Batik Boutique and
KLFW are part of the Kotex® #SHECAN Fund initiative in Malaysia while also providing
another platform to support the proud Malaysian tradition of batik designing.

“We are very pleased to be making our debut with the Kotex® Batik Collection at KL Fashion Week. What began as a partnership between Kotex® and the female artisans at Batik Boutique to highlight their handiwork to our Kotex® users, has now taken on a larger context with KL Fashion Week,” said Frenissa.

“In Seza Zulkeple, we have one of Malaysia’s most promising designers that we are proud to be supporting the dreams and she has done us proud with her amazing designs to further highlight how batik is still very relevant to fashion. Her designs perfectly capture the essence of modernised batik and accentuate the amazing prints in a collection that is minimal, yet bold and striking. The artisans of Batik Boutique and Seza Zulkeple are shining examples of the Kotex® #SHECAN spirit and an inspiration to girls everywhere that they too can achieve whatever they want.”

The Kotex® Batik Collection debuts 15 simple yet stylish ready-to-wear silhouettes
incorporating bold color-blocks and batik prints working in harmony for the trendy, every day women.

“It’s just like girls supporting girls! Girls need to dream bold and chase their dreams, but
along the way we all need each other’s support in making our dreams come true,” said Seza Zulkeple, explaining that the combination of colour-blocks and batik supporting each other mirror her vision of empowering women.

“I’ve always been a fan of batik and bold colours so when I was very excited when presented this opportunity. Plus, I have always loved including positive elements into my designs, as such I am thrilled to be able to work partner Kotex® on this collection which is built on  foundation of empowering women while helping to showcase the batik designs from the women at Batik Boutique.”

The occasion was made more special as the artisans from Batik Boutique were on hand to
see their batik designs at the show. According to Batik Boutique founder, Amy Blair, the ladies were all beaming and proud to see their hard work and creativity up there on the
runway for everyone to see.

Blair said that the artisans at Batik Boutique have worked tirelessly to be able to sustain
themselves and their families by producing beautiful, high quality fashion and gifts.

“Thanks to Kotex®, more people can now appreciate the creativity of the women behind the exquisite batik prints.”

The Kotex® Limited-Edition Batik packs are still available in stores now. Each pack comes
with an exclusive batik clutch bag to stylishly accessorise any outfit.

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