Stuart Vevers’ Pre Fall 2019 men’s and women’s collection was presented by Coach in the brand’s first ever runway show in China.

The collection represented a sensory experience that explores the unique attitude of New York City––and Coach’s place within it. A twilight world where rock-and-roll’s elegance is suggestive of Alice Cooper’s bold early 1970s aesthetic. Elongated tailoring and tall, patchwork shoes. Exaggerated handkerchief hems on floral dresses. Lightly draped, soft leather and suede jackets––like a second-skin. Brightly colored, cloud-like shearling “chubby” jackets and “loveworn” mohair sweaters¬¬––boldly graphic like vibrant abstract paintings. The Dreamer bag evolves with a dressed-up “kisslock” closure, lavish crafted patchwork over Coach’s Signature pattern.

Collaborations with contemporary creatives based in China are at the heart of the collection as they reimagined Coach’s beloved dinosaur, Rexy. Sui Jianguo’s T-Rex sculpture is photographed to create a distorted photo print. Music collective YETI OUT incorporated Rexy into their signature graphic round face. Zhu Jingyi playfully re-contextualized the brand’s mascot in an authentic ink drawing and graphic artist Guang Yu reinterpreted Rexy in a fierce hand-drawn graffiti print.