We live in a busy world where doing workout becomes a luxury thing. Chances are, we struggle to have quality time with our loved ones, let alone an hour or two every day going to the gym. Moreover, gym membership is not an available choice for most people because of its expensive price.

Even though life poses many challenges, it is a must for us to take step in building a clear mind, kind soul and a healthy body. As we all know, exercise is one of the best things you can ever provide your body with. It will help us with blood flow, oxygen delivering throughout the body or internal detox. Moreover, a frequent routine of exercising can benefit you so much more by strengthening your heart and decreasing any possible cardiovascular diseases. Check out today’s article to learn about the benefits of staying active on your cardiovascular health.


Cardio includes running, jogging, aerobics, riding bikes, rope jumping, dancing, etc. You should consult with your doctor before starting any cardio if you have any medical conditions. Cardio can increase your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.

HIIT (High Intensive Internal Training)

High Intensive Interval Training is taking the media and the Internet by storm and most people label it as “brutal”, however, they love it. For those who never practice HIIT, it feels just like 2 hours of cardio shorten into 30 minutes. It has a variety of different exercises and trainers will require you to keep pushing. Usually, between each workout, you will have 15 seconds rest before going to the next one. The main goal of high intensive interval training is to maintain a high heart rate while keeping it stable.

Strength Training

Strength training means working out with weights and dumbells. Strength training usually ends after a very short period of time. Professional trainers always advise people who want to try strength training start with an average weight, go for 5 to 7 repetitions for each move and repeat for 3 sets. If you struggled to finish 3 last repetions, then that is the perfect weight for you. If you could easily get through the exercise, that means you need a heavier weight next time. Lastly, if you couldn’t get through the 1st set, you need to lower the weight to prevent any injuries.

Last thing: Stay active

Even when you are at school or in the office, it is important to practice being active as much as you can. Stop using elevators, stop sitting at your desk for the whole shift and stop eating fast food for lunch. Try active things, maybe walk to work if your office is near your neighborhood, use the stairs, pack your nutritious lunch if possible or just stand up and walk around your office every hour.

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