Yehwadam Revitalizing Line Gets a Refreshed Look with New Plum Flower Extract Ingredient

A Korean beauty brand inspired by the age-old tradition of using Nature’s harvests for skin, Yehwadam that’s encompassing 7 lines that address different skin concerns, has improved one of its signature lines, Yehwadam Revitalizing line with a fresh new look with an upgraded ingredient!

The Yehwadam Revitalizing line has been upgraded with a new ingredient, Plum Flower Extract that provides the skin with moisture, brightening and clarity benefits. It improves hyaluronic acid production to help skin stay hydrated, and at the same time, it also decreases the rate of melanin synthesis that causes dark spots and discolouration.

For even better results, the benefits of Plum Flowers are combined with Yehwadam’s signature Gyu-Hwa-Bang complex, which consists of ginseng, safflower and goji berry – a special remedy for revitalising skin.

The new Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Line features 5 products for a full skincare regimen:

Plum Flower Revitalizing Toner

Plum Flower Revitalizing Toner (RM140.90/160ml)

A refreshing toner that contains skin-friendly hydrating ingredients (Betaine, Trehalose) for long-lasting moisture.

Plum Flower Revitalizing Emulsion

Plum Flower Revitalizing Emulsion (RM140.90/140ml)

A smoothing, nourishing emulsion that’s formulated with Lecithin emulsification technology mimics skin’s natural lipid structure for all-day moisture and comfort.

Plum Flower Revitalizing Serum

Plum Flower Revitalizing Serum (RM225.90/45ml)

A concentrated serum with stabilised Ceramides to strengthen skin’s barrier. The Post-It technology allows serum to adhere to skin without any sticky, heavy feeling.

Plum Flower Revitalizing Eye Cream

Plum Flower Revitalizing Eye Cream(RM215.90/25ml)

A balm-like eye cream that pampers the delicate eye area without any irritation; and natural biomembrane technology helps active ingredients absorb effectively into skin.

Plum Flower Revitalizing Cream

Plum Flower Revitalizing Cream(RM225.90/50ml)

A highly moisturizing cream that instantly forms a strong protective barrier and delivers lasting moisture to skin while helping to restore elasticity and vital energy.

Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Line is available at all THE FACE SHOP Malaysia stores and online at THE FACE SHOP e-store, ZALORA, Shopee or Lazada.

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