Sunscreens should be your new BFF especially with our exposure to harmful UV rays on a daily basis whether outdoors and indoors. So we have Tried & Tested 5 #PamperPicks sunscreens which you can try on your face (some even works as a primer!) and some you can use for your body too.

Check them out and see our verdict on the very end!

1. Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50 PA++++, RM298

Tried & Tested: 5 Sunscreens For Your Face & Body

Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 2.7%, Zinc Oxide 10.0%

This slightly peach tinted mineral sunscreen that’s rich in vitamin C helps to colour correct your skin to immediately boost your skin’s radiance and even out your skin tone. The lightweight formula is fast-absorbing and works well on all skin tones and types (it’s fragrance-free and safe for sensitive skin) since it leaves no ashy residue unlike other mineral sunscreens. It’s also safe to use it around your eye area. Plus, it has an Environmental Protection Technology that shields your skin from 5 main causes of damage that accelerate signs of aging:

  • Blue Light from devices
  • Pollution
  • Infrared Radiation
  • UVA
  • UVB

Tried & Tested: 5 Sunscreens For Your Face & Body

2. Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer, RM246

Tried & Tested: 5 Sunscreens For Your Face & Body

Active Ingredient: Zinc-Oxide 20%

It may come off as a little rich at the start but once you blend it into your skin, this “UV chemical-free”, vegan, and cruelty-free sunscreen which provide broad spectrum protection against damaging UVA & UVB rays, feels lightweight and moisturizing on your skin. It’s also infused with youth promoting antioxidants such as hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, red algae and certified organic: aloe vera, jojoba, sunflower, pomegranate, cucumber, and green tea help provide additional sun protection, moisture and hydration. This 3-in-1 natural sunscreen also acts as a face moisturizer, sunscreen and make-up primer all in one, no wonder it’s an award-winner.

Tried & Tested: 5 Sunscreens For Your Face & Body

3. Mamonde Essence Sun Milk SPF50+ PA+++, RM65

Tried & Tested: 5 Sunscreens For Your Face & Body

This milk sunscreen is infused with calendula essence to hydrate, soothe and protect your skin from UV rays. It has a double-layered UV-blocking layer and hydrating essence that last a long time on your skin to keep your skin protected throughout the day and leaves a smooth, fresh finish that’s not oily.

Tried & Tested: 5 Sunscreens For Your Face & Body

4. Clinelle UV Defense Ultra Protection Mist Spray SPF50, PA++++, RM55.90

Tried & Tested: 5 Sunscreens For Your Face & Body

You can use this spray-on waterproof sunscreen spray on hard to reach areas of your body and even on top of makeup as a touch-up of defence during the day. Plus, it’s dermatologist-tested and 7-free with no artificial colouring, artificial fragrances, lanolin, mineral oil, SD-alcohol, Paraben and comedogenic ingredients. It’s also ultra-lightweight and feels non-greasy on your skin.

5. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF40, RM134

Tried & Tested: 5 Sunscreens For Your Face & Body

Active Ingredients: Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 8%, Octinoxate 4.5%, Octisalate 5%

Just like its name, this unique sunscreen blends to a transparent, smooth velvety finish (just like a silicon-based makeup primer) and is scentless too. You won’t feel a thing on your skin and it also helps to smooth out your pores and holds your makeup in place, keeping oil at bay thanks to its oil-free formula. It’s formulated with red algae extract known to protect against blue light and infrared radiation.


My favourites are the Murad, Suntegrity, and Supergoop! . These three sunscreens are great as the last step and as makeup primers too because it smooths out your skin and keeps oil at bay. The Murad and Suntegrity has a slight tint to it but once blended out, it can match all skin tones. The Supergoop! is transparent so it definitely suits all skin tones too.

The Clinelle sunscreen came out in white, splotchy patches instead of a smooth mist so you will still have to rub it on your skin to blend it out and it leaves a slight sticky feel. However, the Mamonde Essence Sun Milk is good for dry and sensitive skin as calendula is soothing so it’s a great alternative.

PSA: Sunscreens and sunblocks need to be reapplied frequently to keep up the protection from harmful UV rays outdoors and indoors. Find out if you missed out on the most important spots here.

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