Supercharge Your Skin with SK-II’s New SKINPOWER

Inspired by the pioneering discovery behind skin cells’ ability to self-generate through energy, SK-II launches the new SKINPOWER – a revolutionary skincare category game changer that is designed to supercharge skin for a youthful, healthy look. The new SKINPOWER creates a constant cycle of ‘energy to power’, supercharging skin from within and keeping skin bouncy, smooth and glowy, even throughout the most hectic of days.

Through 8 years of numerous skin science studies on the lives of a high-powered generation of young women, SK-II discovered an everyday skin phenomenon by using an industry-first method that tracks skin energy fluctuations through the day. Young skin fluctuates from youthful and glowing, to dull and tired, swinging up to 9 years in a single day. This is caused by a loss of skin power due to external stressors such as UV rays, pollution, lack of sleep or temperature change. This results in visible and acute pore aging in skin which amplifies the visibility of pores and messy micro-lines.


The new SKINPOWER features breakthrough InfinitPower Technology which supercharges the skin from within for a youthful, healthy look. For skin that looks instantly energized, bouncy, smooth and glowing.

SK-II’s InfinitPower Technology contains an exclusive cocktail of three power ingredients that work at multiple skin layers:

  • Calla Lilly Extract – Exclusive to SK-II, Calla Lilly Extract is formulated to plump up skin via hydration, leading to elasticity.
  • Dokudami Extract – World-renowned for its healing properties, this Japanese herb is handpicked exclusively from a farm in Tokushima, Japan, and it works to make skin look energized.
  • Peony Extract – Traditionally known for its beauty properties, Peony extract is formulated to achieve bouncy elasticity from within.

The new SK-II SKINPOWER features four power-packed skincare must-haves – Airy Milky Lotion, Cream, Essence and Eye Cream – that are uniquely designed to supercharge the skin for a youthful, healthy look.

SK-II’s iconic Facial Treatment Essence and new SKINPOWER range

For best results, start your skincare routine with SK-II’s iconic Facial Treatment Essence. Essentially unchanged for over 40 years, Facial Treatment Essence is SK-II’s signature and most awarded8 bestseller. With more than 90% PITERA, Facial Treatment Essence has given millions of women around the world transformation to crystal clear skin.

SK-II SKINPOWER Airy Milky Lotion

The new SK-II SKINPOWER Airy Milky Lotion is an airy-light yet powerful moisturizer packed with PITERATM and InfinitPower Technology. After use, skin feels bouncy, smooth and glowing. Its lightweight texture melts into skin and is perfect for warmer climates or oilier skin types. It is suitable for both day and night use.


The new SK-II SKINPOWER Cream is a rich and velvety moisturizer packed with PITERA and InfinitPower Technology. After use, skin feels bouncy, smooth and glowing. Suitable for both day and night use, its velvety texture perfect for drier climates and skin types.


The new SK-II SKINPOWER Essence is powered by PITERA and InfinitPower Technology. After use, skin feels bouncy, smooth and glowing. It features a light and translucent texture that penetrates easily into skin, carrying the unique blend of power ingredients effectively through the skin layers. It features an exclusively designed auto-dropper that provides the exact optimal dosage for supercharged skin transformation. Suitable for day and night use as well as all skin types.


The new SK-II SKINPOWER Eye Cream is a nourishing, yet lightweight eye cream packed with PITERATM and InfinitPower Technology. It quickly melts into the skin around the eyes, supercharging the eyes to appear bigger and youthful. After use, fine lines around eyes are less visible, and skin appears tighter and smoother, instantly ready for makeup.

Begin your SK-II SKINPOWER skincare journey and find out where you can purchase the new SKINPOWER products through the links below.

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