Did you know that 1 Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream is being sold every 30 seconds in the world? The Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream has always been a beauty must-have item with exceptional performances worldwide and acclaimed by all women for its efficacy.

Clarins recently launched the Limited Edition Hand and Nail Treatment Cream Collection that’s made with its iconic formula that provides an invisible and cocooning beauty glove in three new “leaf” fragrances: White Tea Leaf, Fig Leaf, and Orange Leaf. It comes in a new packaging and sized at a handy 30ml size that would be perfect to always keep one in your handbag or pocket.

Clarins Limited Edition Hand and Nail Treatment Cream Collection - Pamper.My

  • White Tea Leaf Scented (Green Note): Tea leaves are rich in polyphenols and has extraordinary antioxidant and anti-ageing properties.
  • Fig Leaf Scented (Sweet Note): Considered as God’s gift by the Egyptian people, fisg was the favorite fruit of Cleopatra. A symbol of life, generosity and regeneration, it is also well known for its moisturizing properties.
  • Orange Leaf Scented (Acidulous Note): Called “golden apples” in Greek mythology, oranges are the symbol of richness and fertility. Orange leafs are well known for their relaxing effect.

An Iconic Formula

This gentle, fine and rich cream forms an invisible protective “glove” for an unforgettable soothing comfort. The non-greasy cream never leaves your hands feeling sticky and uncomfortable. With the most efficient plant extracts, this hand cream soften hands, targets age spots and strengthens nails.

  1. Shea butter unsaponifiable, sesame seed: Nourishes and contributes to protecting your skin from environmental aggressions.
  2. Aloe vera, allantoin, condurango: Hydrates and softens for a soft and supple skin, control dampness.
  3. Blackberry bush: Helps prevent and minimize age spots.
  4. Myrrh, ceramides, soy phospholipids: Contributes to strengthen and beautifies nails.

Clarins Limited Edition Hand and Nail Treatment Cream (30ml) retails for RM108 per set (Available at all counters and skin spas) and RM45 per piece (Only available at all skin spas).

For more information, please visit clarins.com.my and facebook.com/ClarinsMalaysia .

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