These days it seems like more and more youngsters are bleaching their hair to achieve stunning colour ombre like pink, blue, purple etc. As we all know, bleach is harmful to the hair and scalp as the procedures throw away the hair’s vitality. Thus, it’s necessary to take some steps to take care of your hair after bleaching.

Here are some tips on how you can do after hair bleached.

1Limit the hair washing

Do not wash your hair as regularly as you use to do. At the first 3 days after the bleaching, do not shampoo your hair. When the hair gets flat or greasy, dry shampoo can be helpful.

2Give your hair more moisture

After the bleaching, the hair loses its natural covering and become extremely dry. Thus, it needs extra moisture. Give your hair what it wishes by using a deep conditioner once a week. In addition, combine deep conditioner with the regular conditioner that you use daily to get the best result.

3Limit the use of heat on your hair

That heat includes hair dryer, flat and curling iron. Those tutorials will damage the hair even more. Besides, get engage with heat protectant spray.

4Give extra care to the split ends.

Bleached hair is highly likely to get split ends. Find hair products to prevent them. If you have already had them, cut them then control them by additional products.

5Use leave-in conditioner after shower

Hair is really vulnerable when it is wet not to mention that it is bleached hair. After taking shower, use the leave-in conditioner before combing. This will reduce tangle and knots in the hair while making it smooth and moisturized.

6Protect your hair from sunlight

Dry and bleached hair should not be exposed to the direct sunlight. Find the product that contains UV protectant properties. In addition, start to use hats or scarves.

7Use overnight mask every two weeks

Deep conditioner once a week does not provide enough moisture for dry, bleached hair.

8Apply Hair Oil

Hair oil is really a beauty secret. It can make hair shinier, softer and even healthier. Use it every day and see a sea of differences. Also, this oil can be applied to the skin as a skin care product.

9Get regular trims

Regular trims will help you get rid of split ends and prepare for the new hair’s growth since it helps the hair grow faster.

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