Skin Inc Introduces New Body Care Duo – the Tri-Light Body Sculpt and Body Sculpt Fit Serum – for 4-in-1 At-home Treatments

Tech beauty brand Skin Inc has came up with new body care innovations – the Tri-Light Body Sculpt and Body Sculpt Fit Serum – to embrace your every curve and body positivity through wellness and self-care. The new Tri-Light Body Sculpt is another revolutionary invention of Skin Inc to reboot beauty with data-based technology and innovation – and it’s also the brand’s first body device that offers 4-in-1 treatment – detox, smooths, lifts and enhances body features with 6 synergistic benefits including Micro-Vibration, Micro-Current, Heating and 3 NASA-inspired LED lights.

As we know, stress and imbalanced lifestyle results in inflammations such as backne, assne, chestne, bloat, stretch marks and lack of elasticity that occurs around the 5 key body areas – tummy, butt, thigh, neck and thighs. The Tri-Light Body Sculpt Fit and Body Sculpt Fit Serum work hand-in-one to deliver resounding satisfaction that’s backed up Skin Inc’s signature custom LED therapy. The best part is that you can enjoy the ultimate body care treatments with the power pairing of Body Sculpt Fit Serum and the Tri-Light Body Sculpt Fit, with a lifespan of up to 3,000 5-min personalised treatments, at the comfort of your home.

Tri-Light Body Sculpt

This revolutionary Tri-Light Body Sculpt offers 4-in-1 at home treatment that is emblematic to Skin Inc’s Japanese roots of the traditional ritual of ganbanyoku, or “bedrock bathing”, which resembles the modern-day hot stone treatment. The device operates by self-administering heated Red, Blue and Green light chromotherapy with the micro-vibration and micro-current technology through a high- performance Titanium, a premium material that is safe & durable and synonymous with usage within the aerospace and biomedical industries. It produces naturally generated Far Infrared Energy (FIR) heat source into your body care routine enables a boost in metabolism, cleanses the skin of toxins and aids in muscle relaxing.

Skin Inc’s signature custom LED therapy allows for targeted body concerns to be addressed in the safest and most comfortable manner, while still generating the quickest results in the comfort of your own home.

Mood Boosting with 42°C

Emblematic of the brand’s Japanese roots, ganbanyoku or in Japanese means “bedrock bathing”, its heat mode pays homage to the rejuvenating properties of hot stone massage. The device introduces heat within your body care routine to boost your overall wellbeing and also relax your body for better sleep.

Stimulate Your Muscles with Micro-Current Therapy

This micro-current therapy utilizes 3 forms of current, Galvanic, Sine and Rectangular delivered through safe and low voltage electricity that when combined with the Body Sculpt Fit Serum, the oscillating wavelengths of positive and negative ions can enhance performance of skincare ingredients, boosting synergistic effects.

Improve Treatment Efficacy with Micro-Vibration Therapy

Boost the performance of your body serum with micro-vibrations between 4000 to 8000 RPM to effectively reap in the benefits with less absorption time and maximum results.

Body Sculpt Fit Serum

Through this serum, Skin Inc reinvents the cosmetic body lift with a cutting edge formulation that pairs seamlessly with the Tri-Light Body Sculpt Fit device. The unique gravity-defying texture is featherweight and power-packed with high performing ingredients to contour, tone and detoxify. The air-light serum dramatically improves the appearance of skin, while repairing and protecting the skin from premature signs of aging for an all over glow from within. A dash of rare Yuzu further adds to the sensorial experience for a full 360-approach to beauty wellness.

Key Trending Ingredients:

  • Licorice to soothe irritation and strengthen skin layers
  • Vitamin C to brighten and detoxify for a natural glow
  • Caffeine to tone and contour stubborn cellulite
  • Bergamot, Lemon and Peach scents for mood boosting properties
  • Glycerin to lock in moisture for the ultimate hydration

You can use Tri-Light Body Sculpt Fit daily and the device will automatically turns off after 5 minutes per mode. One use of a 5-minute session is all it takes to experience instant relief from the warmth and vibration of the micro-current and micro-vibration therapies combined together for a power-packed dual benefit. The device is safe for expecting mothers, however you should be more careful around the breast area. Nonetheless, it is best to speak with your gynae before use.

The Tri-Light Body Sculpt Fit and Body Sculpt Fit Serum are available now at Sephora Malaysia and e-commerce platforms such as Shopee & Lazada, retailing at RM1,250 and RM270, respectively.