Cadbury Dairy Milk Malaysia has recently launched Cadbury Dairy Milk in Lickables – a new and unique chocolate treat made with love aimed at cultivating the parent to child bond, coincides with the theme of the Cadbury Dairy Milk in Lickables campaign, #CadburyWithLove where we aim to encourage everyone to share moments of love with each other.”

Cadbury Dairy Milk in Lickables 1

Sporting the quintessential bright purple Cadbury packaging, the product comes in a unique UFO-shaped container that will spark anyone’s curiosity to uncover what’s inside. Cadbury Dairy Milk in LickablesWhile one half contains the delicious treat oozing with Cadbury Dairy Milk’s mousse-like chocolate combined with the goodness of wheat crispies and the crunchiness of Oreo cookie bits, the other half opens up to another surprising treat featuring a Pokémon character toy. Cadbury Dairy Milk in Lickables debuts with more than 25 Pokémon toys to be collected.

First launched in India in March 2017, the innovative chocolate offering has made its long-awaited arrival to the Malaysian chocolate scene. The new Cadbury Dairy Milk in Lickables is now available in major Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, nationwide with a selling price of RM4.20 for 20g.

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