Akaushi Wagyu in Malaysia for the First Time Ever – Exclusive at EQ and Kampachi Restaurants

EQ and Kampachi, Malaysia’s two leading brands in dining and hospitality, are bringing an entire Akaushi cow from Japan. For the first time ever, Malaysian diners have the rare opportunity during the exclusive Akaushi Festival to sample some of the finest beef Japan has to offer. The promotion will run for two weeks only and will include a line-up of events featuring esteemed guest chefs from Japan, premium omakase, fine dining and à la carte menus.

The Tosa Akaushi cow is a brown-haired Japanese species that hails from the mountainous Kochi Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. Only approximately 400 cattle (accounting for barely 0.1% of annual wagyu production in Japan) are made available each year, making it extremely rare and very sought-after. This unique offering is made even more special in that the incoming beef is Halal certified.

Tosa Akaushi Cow Grazing

EQ and Kampachi are able to secure one cow for 2021 and it will be available exclusively at all their restaurants – including award-winning Sabayon, Blue, the rooftop bar at Sky51, Étoile Bistro, Nipah, and even banqueting and in-room dining. Kampachi takes part with its flagship restaurant in EQ as well as its stand-alone restaurants in Pavilion and Plaza33.

The Kochi Prefecture takes pride in their Akaushi cattle, known for producing meat that is moderately marbled, finely textured and incredibly tender. The evenly distributed fat gives a bold and intense taste and amazingly, a buttery sweetness. Aging adds another dimension to the multi-layered flavours of the beef and tenderises it naturally, giving it a melt-in-your-mouth sensation.

To kickstart the festival is the exclusive “Akaushi Auction” where guests will have the chance to place their bids on a 1kg sirloin cut of this prized meat. Once auctioned, the highest bidder will have the choice to either take the prize home or have the chefs prepare a feast to their liking at any restaurant in EQ or Kampachi. The proceeds from this special auction will go towards a designated charity.

Chef Demizu and Chef Iwao

The Akaushi gastronomic adventure then commences with its very own guest chefs* – Chef Demizu and Chef Iwao who have expertise in cooking preparation that bring out the best of this remarkable beef. Both Japanese chefs will be available on rotation between the three Kampachi restaurants and guests may make reservations to enjoy their creations as they apply their unique talents to the cuisine. For corporate occasions and private gatherings with the chefs present, prior booking of 7 days is required.


At Sabayon, the culinary team intends to bring out the very best of this beef by showing the many ways it can be enjoyed with an exclusive five-course Akaushi dinner. Thoughtfully crafted, the menu starts with beef three ways – smoked lardon on a crispy crostini, consommé where the concentrated flavour of the beef will shine in the clear clean broth, and tartare for the purest form of the beef. Maximising the flavour, the rump is lightly smoked and complemented with celeriac cream and Sarawak peppercorn sauce. The gastronomical menu is priced at RM668.

Akaushi Beef Sirloin

The Akaushi Omakase Experience at Kampachi comes highly-recommended too, where diners will taste their way through a carefully designed 7-course omakase curated by the esteemed chefs which features not only the choicest cuts, but also other coveted Japanese ingredients to create a glorious symphony of flavours and textures. Even the other courses of the meal that do not include beef are well thought out, intended to prepare the palate for an upcoming dish that does. It is a menu skillfully prepared to best stimulate the senses, priced at RM800 with the option for sake pairing at an additional RM200.

Kampachi EQ

There is choice aplenty to be discovered among all the restaurants in EQ to show that great meat can still be enjoyed beyond fine-dining establishments. Diners can discover extraordinary melt-in-your-mouth burgers, premium bar snacks, roasts, stews and many more. The Akaushi beef will be making appearances in the banquet menus as well.

At all EQ and Kampachi restaurants, the chefs respect every aspect of the meat. Even the silky fat trimmings can be used to transform the most ordinary of dishes, such as Nipah and Kampachi’s famous fried rice, thus giving something familiar added dimension. The thoughtfully prepared dishes will guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime experience that guests will remember long after it is over.

The Akaushi Festival will be held from 15 – 31 October 2021 throughout all EQ and Kampachi restaurants. Advance reservations are required.

*Guest chef presence is subject to travel permissions, stay tuned at facebook.com/KampachiOfficial for updates.

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