Klook Home – A New Home-Based Experiences Initiative to Help Users Across the Globe Stay Connected

Social distancing and travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have limited our ability to travel. To keep the travel desire and discovering new experiences burning inside of travellers, Klook has initiated a new home-based experiences, Klook Home, which consists of home-based learning modules such as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) craft and cooking kits, online workshops and classes, as well as free virtual tours to help you stay connected, wherever you are across the globe.

You can discover a world of possibilities with Klook Home all from the comfort of your living room – from getting cosy with baby Komodo dragons in Bali to learning taekwondo and wrapping a preserved flower bouquet.

Virtual Interactive Experiences (VIE) to tour the world

Tour Bali Safari, Indonesia virtually and get cosy with baby Komodo dragons

With Klook’s newly introduced Virtual Interactive Experiences (VIE), you will be able to across continents for exclusive interactive tours such as getting cosy with baby Komodo dragons at Bali Safari in Indonesia and even popular filming locations like the Old Royal Navy College in Greenwich, London.

This is not your typical virtual tour; all sessions are hosted live and participants will have a chance to speak directly with expert guides or animal handlers from attractions all around the world. You can even participate with a bunch of friends to share the experience together.

The best news yet is that these VIE sessions are free. Check out the schedule below for a list of up and coming VIE tours that will take place on Klook Malaysia’s Facebook page in June.

  • 6 June (Sat): Get cosy with baby Komodo dragons from Bali Safari, Indonesia
  • 13 June (Sat): Familiarize yourself with assorted wines at a wine tasting session with Tower Tours, California
  • 20 June (Sat): Explore the tropical Cebu Safari in the Philippines
  • 27 June (Sat): Visit the “most popular filming location in the world” Old Royal Navy College in London, United Kingdom

DIY Home Kits to master new skills

Get creative and learn how to make a hand crochet pouchin Malaysia

You can now pursue a wide selection of DIY home kits on Klook, ranging from learning how to make a hand crochet pouch from scratch to wrapping your first preserved flower bouquet from the comfort of your home.

Learn to wrap a preserved flower bouquet, guided by a professional florist in Malaysia

These DIY home kits provide all the materials you will need straight to your home address. For experiences like sewing a pouch or flower arrangement, you will also receive expert tutelage via online classes to guide you along in your new hobby.

Leisure activities to stay pampered, fit and connected

Online Taekwondo Course in Malaysia
Live Online Yoga Classes

Staying active can be a challenge with movement restrictions in some countries, but virtual workouts can really help to combat fatigue. Klook offers a series of virtual home workouts such as taekwondo and yoga classes to get your blood pumping.

Measures to improve your stay-home experiences

At Klook, they understand the challenges surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and have taken the following measures to make their experiences as accessible as possible:

  • Home-based experiences for everyone: Klook wants to provide users with a variety of activities to choose from as we recognize that users have different tastes and preferences. To boot, VIE sessions are completely free and users can look forward to something new every week starting 6 June (Saturday).
  • Seamless digital and cashless booking processes: All bookings on Klook can be done digitally via our mobile app or online platform with cashless options to make the process as direct and convenient as possible.
  • Paperless e-vouchers: You’ll receive paperless e-vouchers after purchase confirmation, and these are all accessible via your Klook account or your registered email address.

Beyond activities and experiences, Klook also offers home delivery services for Food and Beverages. Visit the Klook website or mobile app for more info. Simply click on the Klook HOME banner to discover more.

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