Hong Kong’s Holiday Wonderland: A Festive Feast for All Ages

This Christmas, Hong Kong is transforming into a magical winter wonderland, brimming with immersive experiences, iconic characters, and dazzling lights. From the world’s first “The World of Frozen” at Disneyland to harbourside pyrotechnics and Le Petit Prince’s luminous adventure, the city promises a season of enchantment for all ages.

Frozen fans, rejoice! Step into Arendelle at Hong Kong Disneyland, where “The World of Frozen” comes to life. Sail through Arendelle’s landscapes on “Frozen Ever After,” soar through the forest on “Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs,” and join the story at “Playhouse in the Woods.”

Embrace the festive spirit at Harbour City. Witness the sky ablaze with “Marine Pyrotechnics” and marvel at the towering 20-meter Christmas tree. Immerse yourself in holiday cheer with WestK Nightscapes, featuring live music and festive treats.

Journey with Le Petit Prince at Ocean Park Hong Kong. Follow his footsteps through the illuminated “Le Petit Prince Light Alley” and discover the joy of Christmas with his beloved rose.

Celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary at Harbour City. Witness a dazzling display of 100 unique Disney-themed BE@RBRICK figurines, with proceeds benefiting a worthy cause.

Get ready for thrills at the AIA Carnival. From exciting rides and never-before-seen attractions to a million plush toys, this iconic winter tradition promises unforgettable moments for the whole family.

Hong Kong’s winter wonderland awaits. Book your trip now and experience a festive season filled with beloved characters, dazzling lights, and unforgettable memories!

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