has collaborated with the celebrity Feng Shui guru Mak Ling Ling to dish out travel predictions for each zodiac during the Year of the Golden Pig, to boost one’s luck in 2019. Whether you’re looking to find love or boost your career, has got you covered with lucky destination recommendations and accommodation tips!


Mak Ling Ling’s Travel Forecast
Recommended travel destination(s)


2019 is a great year to travel, albeit an accident-prone one. Avoid extreme activities and remember to stay vigilant while travelling. Don’t forget to surround yourself with nature and indulge your mind, body and soul with positive energy.
  • Hakone (Japan),
  • Kyoto (Japan)

Travel tips to improve your luck:
Opt for homestays and bed & breakfasts for a truly local travel experience.

Ratrat 2019 will be a year of love for you. Women should look forward to finding romance at the beach during the next summer getaway. Consider long-haul travel to improve your luck.
  • New South Wales (Australia),
  • Phuket (Thailand)

Travel tips to improve your luck:
Choose beachfront resorts to relax and unwind, or chic boutique hotels to mingle and make new friends.

2019 marks a year of good tidings to your career, with many opportunities to travel for work. However, be mindful of who you travel with, as there is a likelihood you will get involved in arguments, particularly with women.
  • Singapore,
  • Bali (Indonesia)

Travel tips to improve your luck:
Consider travelling with a foreign companion or male friends instead.

Your career outlook for 2019 may not be strong, but old is gold – consider travelling with parents or older relatives to boost your luck.
  • Singapore,
  • Seoul (South Korea),
  • Hokkaido (Japan)

Travel tips to improve your luck:
Select senior-friendly hotels with big family rooms and accessibility features.

You will demonstrate exemplary performance in the workplace this year. However, you will also be prone to emotional instability, so avoid secluded places and watch your belongings when travelling. Do not attempt to transport luggage on behalf of others.
  • Singapore,
  • Bangkok (Thailand),
  • Tokyo (Japan)

Travel tips to improve your luck:
Visit bustling cities with plenty of nightlife and shopping activities.

Hong Luan (Lucky Star) shines upon your Zodiac this year. You will enjoy great relationships with the people around you and double your luck by travelling more in 2019.
  • Hoi An (Vietnam),
  • Siem Reap (Cambodia),
  • Yangon (Myanmar)

Travel tips to improve your luck:
Consider buying souvenirs and gifts for family and friends while travelling to fend off bad luck, but do be mindful of small and trivial expenses.

2019 marks a year of uncertainty, but your fortunes can be improved with more travel. Take care of your personal safety when travelling and avoid road trips.
  • Taipei (Taiwan),
  • Tokyo (Japan),
  • Bangkok (Thailand)

Travel tips to improve your luck:
Opt for city destinations with vibrant culture.

Good luck befalls you when you travel solo or for work. However, be mindful of your personal belongings and prepare adequately for weather changes when travelling to avoid any last minute travel disruptions.
  • Adelaide (Australia),
  • Colombo (Sri Lanka),
  • Chiang Rai (Thailand)

Travel tips to improve your luck:
Visit destinations with good weather all-year round.

2019 is the year to unleash your creativity and let your artistic talents shine. This year will also mark a period of solo travel and self-discovery, but be mindful of unsuspecting injuries from animals while travelling and watch out for road safety.
  • Taipei (Taiwan),
  • Ubud (Indonesia),
  • Siargao (Philippines)

Travel tips to improve your luck:
Harness your creativity by checking into hotels with creative and unique design concepts.

2019 marks a joyful year for you. It is also a year of good fortune, so tap on your good luck for some wealth to come your way during your travels.
  • Singapore,
  • Malaysia

Travel tips to improve your luck:
Bask in joyous occasions, including overseas weddings, as well as great entertainment options for better luck.

2019 marks a year to create and a good year to pick up new skills. There may be some travel scares along the way, so don’t forget to get yourself insured ahead of your trip.
  • Gili Islands (Indonesia),
  • Niseko (Japan),
  • Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

Travel tips to improve your luck:
Embark on an overseas educational trip or take up a short course during your travels.

Joyous occasions are plentiful in 2019, and there may even be potential for a whirlwind engagement or new addition to the family. There is also a high chance of falling ill during your travels so do pack sufficient medication.
  • Sarawak (Malaysia),
  • El Nido (Philippines),
  • Luang Namtha (Laos)

Travel tips to improve your luck:
Visit nature spots to eliminate stress.

Remarks: The Chinese zodiac readings provided are for informational purposes only.

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