8 Most Instagram-Worthy Glamping Spots in Selangor

Selangor is a place known for its eco destinations and stunning natural scenery. This makes it perfect for outdoor trips and campers. Glamping, also known as ‘glamorous camping,’ is one of the greatest ways to view and take in Selangor’s stunning landscapes. Imagine spending the day swimming in a pool while the sun sets, relaxing with a cup of tea, and climbing and trekking through the lush greenery. Here’s a list of 8 most instagram-worthy glamping spots around Selangor you should go!

1Resort Taman Eko Rimba Komanwel, Rawang

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There are extensive forests around Resort Taman Eko Rimba Komanwel, making it a beautiful park. It’s the perfect getaway for a relaxing weekend in the great outdoors. If you’re travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Rawang, make a pit stop at the Commonwealth Forest Park, which is located just next to the trunk route. As the name suggests, Taman Eko Rimba Komanwel mixes a dense jungle with beautiful gardens, a lake and a variety of other features to provide tourists with an exquisite setting for a retreat in the woods. If you want to go camping on the weekends, you should book the campsite at least two weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. It’s safe to say that lake campsite is a top pick for a lot of campers. A lovely, verdant forest envelops the park. Trekking trails are accessible for people of all abilities and ages, too.

2River & Glamp, Batu Caves

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You have come to the right location if you are looking for a beautiful area to go glamping by the river in Selangor. The River & Glamp is located about 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur and 15 minutes from Batu Caves, Selangor. This beautiful location will definitely highlight the best features of nature. And, to whet your appetite, River & Glamp package includes three dishes: breakfast, lunch and dinner, all served in a glamping -style atmosphere. Glamping gives you the best of both worlds: a place to sleep, stunning scenery, the opportunity to be in nature and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

3Dusun Bonda, Batang Kali

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Dusun Bonda, a small privately owned villa and the site of the Glamping Bell Tent within a fruit orchard, provides relaxing accommodation in a beautiful setting. Located at Ulu Tamu, Batang Kali, Selangor. It has child-friendly facilities, as well as beautiful calm river views with waterfalls and man-made pools. It all started with the owner’s passion for nature, which led to the creation of a family shelter, a great place to spend quality time with loved ones while surrounded by tropical scenery.

4Skycamp By Rimba Segara, Hulu Langat

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This newest and most recent park is located in the cool and hilly neighborhood of Hulu Langat. Go back in time to a beautiful rural setting with rivers and waterfalls amidst tropical gardens and lush forests with a leisurely drive through the small town of Hulu Langat, which has attractive food stalls and fruit shops on both cross the street. You can also bring your own food to cook in the kitchen, including a refrigerator and all cooking utensils, including gas provided. The park is run with environmental sensitivity, and there will be set limits, particularly on the use of disposable plastic and styrofoam.

5The Sticks, Kuala Kubu Bharu

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The Sticks is a charming eco-resort tucked away in the dense jungle of Kuala Kubu Bharu in Hulu Selangor. It was constructed on a former tin mine site. Built with environmental sustainability in mind, the resort generates electricity via solar power, obtains water from a local stream, and was developed with little land impact. Spend time in a space to call your own within the jungle furnished with cosy beds, plush duvets, ceiling fans and water heaters with spring water. All 12 of the unique houses, or as they fondly call them ‘tendoks’, a cross between a tent and a pondok (or hut in Malay), at The Sticks were designed to ensure an accommodation experience authentic to nature without sacrificing comfort. Guests can relax and enjoy moments spent lounging on a hammock under the sky, floating along the river, or dining on delicious home-cooked meals ensuring comfort during their stay.

6The Hid3out, Batu Caves

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The Hid3out is located in Sungai Tua, Batu Caves Selangor. Glamping at The Hid3out is a great way to take camping to the next level. Don’t worry about having to go into a cave entirely with a tent and an outdoor environment to complete the camping experience; essential amenities such as mattresses, toilets and more are supplied. Glampers can also use the BBQ pit to prepare meals and enjoy their stay with good friends.

7Alpine Camp, Hulu Langat

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Who says you can’t enjoy the natural beauty while being close to the city?. Alpine provides a natural glamping experience with the backdrop of the Lui River and Black Mountain (Gunung Hitam). There are five glamping tents available, each of which can accommodate up to four people. Alpine Camp also has a surau and dining hall for the convenience of visitors. Visitors can also enjoy the small river as it is safe for children.

8Camp Out, Sunway Lagoon

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“Camp Out!” is the first camping experience at Sunway Lagoon located in a theme park. Camp Out, Sunway Lagoon will give you an extension of their Best Day experience from morning to night. It’s an improved version of your regular camping trip, complete with a barbecue dinner, private pool and a chance to sleep in the middle of Sunway Lagoon! The campsite is located in the heart of Sunway Lagoon, where you will be able to spend your night under the clear sky while the surrounding dunes complete the timeless beautiful backdrop. You can cross other items off your bucket list by camping in luxury. Definitely it will be the best night of your life!

Look no further than these glamping retreats if you’re seeking a unique accommodation option for your next vacation. This time, Tourism Selangor has provided a list of attractions that is at random and not ranked. Before making a reservation and payment, we recommend that you get correct and reliable information about the offer packages at each vacation destination. Weekdays are highly advised for ultimate convenience during your trip.

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