OPPO F7 to Launch in Malaysia on April 19 | Hebe Tien and Neelofa Are The New Ambassadors

[Update] It is confirmed by OPPO Malaysia that the long-awaited OPPO F7 is arriving on April 19, 2018. Stay tuned!

The guess is finally over! The lovely and gorgeous celebrities Hebe Tien and Neelofa have been officially unveiled as the product ambassadors for the upcoming OPPO F7.

Being a famous and beautiful singer from Taiwan, Hebe Tien(田馥甄)is joining the OPPO Malaysia celebrity team for OPPO Malaysia’s latest product.  Needless to say, her positive personality and image presentation can significantly contribute to the brand image and reach out to a broader consumer and fan base.


Furthermore,the well-known Malaysian celebrity, Neelofa will be joining OPPO once again – this time as the fact for the OPPO F7. With Neelofa’s popularity and strong fan base, she can definitely bring good vibes to the OPPO brand.

The collaboration between OPPO Malaysia and both these influential artists will definitely bring more fun and excitement to the upcoming launch of the OPPO F7.

For more information, visit facebook.com/malaysiaoppo/.

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