Samsung Malaysia will be releasing a new wearable technology soon, next month in December. Following the Gear 2, Samsung is gearing up to roll out Gear 3 to its existing range of smart watches.

Samsung Gear 3 is available in two different models; the Samsung Frontier Gear S3 and S3 Gear Classic.

Outdoors or in a board room, the Gear S3 frontier performs in any environment. Nevertheless, it looks and acts the way it should—as a workhorse that is equally elegant in a three piece as it is rugged in the great wilderness of nature.

Gear S3 Frontier
Gear S3 Frontier

The Gear S3 classic is targeted at stylish 20-30 somethings who appreciate function and practicality. A hipper, younger design with no frills was the approach for this version of the device. Added to that is the diverse range of wristbands that let trendsetters express themselves in their own unique way.

Gear S3 Classic
Gear S3 Classic

As for the storage, both have a 4GB of internal storage with 786MB RAM. The screens are covered in Corning Gorilla Glass SR+, a new glass solution that raises the bar for protection against drops higher than ever.

Stainless steel 316L, the most commonly used material for watches, was chosen for the Gear S3. Adding to its durable surface are simple modification molding and tempering finishes that enable for a device that is not only sophisticated but sturdy and reliable.

Added to that, weather updates, schedule reminders and a heart rate monitor are also pre-installed inside the Gear S3, along with the improved Always On Display feature. With a newly structured low energy setting, the watch face is always on, with more vibrant colour and detail, like its active second hand.

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