Onitsuka Tiger celebrate the brand’s 70th anniversary with Onitsuka Tiger × sulvam designer Teppei Fujita

Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year since its launch in 1949, Onitsuka Tiger continues to appeal to fashionistas around the world with a contemporary collection that combines fashion with sports, and heritage with innovation.

On July 3, 2019, Onitsuka Tiger celebrated its 70th anniversary and announced a special collaboration with seven designers, popular in Japan and abroad. The sixth stage, to be launched on November 18, is a collaboration with Teppei Fujita, the designer of sulvam, beloved by many celebrities.

For the shoes, Fujita updated the plain-toe “TAI-CHI-REB™ shoes” which were inspired by Tai Chi shoes. “Fashion is free,” says Fujita. “That’s how I could maximize the attractiveness of both brands by destroying our fixed image in a good way.” For the color, he used black. light gray stitches were added to the plain black toe to express originality unsusceptible to anything with monotone.

White stitches are randomly applied on the black-based apparel and Fujita’s concept of fashion being free is reflected in the design, just as it is in the shoes. The loose-fit TRACK TOP and TRACK PANTS are embellished with white × black tape on which the logos of Onitsuka Tiger and sulvam are printed, evoking a stylish and sporty mood.

The brand name “sulvam” came from “Salvum”, a Latin word meaning impromptu performance and represents the process where all professionals related to fashion embody their inspiration like a band’s jam session. This collaboration is also like such a session which produces beautiful sounds.

The collection has already been featured in the KLCC & Midvalley stores from November 18. Visit here for more information.

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