What comes to mind when you think about Jo Malone London? A well-renowned worldwide brand available in 36 countries that exemplifies elegant simplicity through its unexpected fragrances and art of gift giving? Rightfully so! And they continue to inspire a loyal following as evident during the preview of their new collection titled Cologne Intense.


Capturing imaginations through scent 

IMG_4514From the choice of words used to describe their colognes, to the people who live the brand and give you an experience you truly enjoy – it’s all an experiential journey through your senses. Inhale the fragrance deeply, close your eyes, and be transported to the hills in Tuscany, or even the Middle East and for a minute be captivated by the irresistible scent of its cologne.

This is exactly the source of inspiration for Jo Malone London’s new collection, Cologne Intense.

As Celine Roux, Fragrance Director, Jo Malone London explains, “The story of Cologne Intense began in the Middle East where heritage and culture have a special place for scent. For thousands of years, fragrance has been approached ritualistically. Multiple oils or attars such as oud, rose, or jasmine, are layered onto the skin. Even clothing and hair are infused with vapour collection from scented chips called bakhoor, before spraying scent. Our imaginations were captured. The Jo Malone London Creative Studio took the rich and rare ingredients so loved in the Middle East and gave them a modern character. Each has its own surprising Jo Malone London twist.” 

These new fragrances take on a black-edged bottle to reflect the deeper intensity – a break away from their classic clear case bottles. Its perfect for both men and women and what’s more important, is finding a scent that fits with your personal taste.

The notes behind the fragrances 

DSC_0309Jo Malone London currently has a collection of 20 fragrances – they call this the classic collection. Now, their Cologne Intense collection brings in an additional 7 fragrances – each with their own distinct scent and can be categorised between Woody, Floral, or Fruity.

The scents are created with precious ingredients that are particularly deep and rich. This is certainly true as each scent has many layers that take about 5 to 10 minutes to really come to life.

Celine Roux shares that to create the fragrances, the Creative Studio worked with Master Perfumers including Christine Nagel and Marie Salamagne. 

The dialogue with the perfumer is constant and each scent is honed and perfected. The performers who have worked on Cologne Intense have all been inspired by the ingredients’ roots in Middle Eastern ritual and the chance to reinvent and add a modern sensibility to precious and historic ingredients.” 

The 7 Scents of Cologne Intense 

Jo Malone Intense

Like we said before, it isn’t just a perfume and fragrance. It’s inspired, it’s an experience, and it holds strong, bold scents through its careful blend of rich ingredients that ultimately give you a sensual scent.

The Cologne Intense collection boasts 7 new fragrancesTuberose Angelica; Velvet Rose & Oud; Amber & Patchouli; Dark Amber & Ginger Lily; Incense & Cedrat; Oud & Bergamot; Orris & Sandalwood – and with names like these, how can you not be tempted to try them?

One of the key scents in the collection is the Orris & Sandalwood fragrance. Orris is the root of the iris plant and it has been harvested in Tuscany for centuries, originally by monks. It has notes of violet and sandalwood as well and a 100ml bottle retails at RM585.

They describe their fragrances not only by what you can expect to smell, but also what you can expect to experience – intoxicating and desirable; magnetic; seductive; calm and relaxing; majestic and mystical; hypnotic; alluring; and captivating and compelling.

We found ourselves constantly sniffing the samples of our favourite scents and just couldn’t stop ourselves from smiling and feeling a sense of excitement and happiness. Definitely captivated if you ask me!

In fact, one of the best parts about Jo Malone London fragrances is that you can blend and layer the scents. They don’t compete with each other and is a unique concept at the hear of Jo Malone London – this gives you the opportunity to discover a fragrance that you truly love and can call your own, and be wrapped in a scent that is intoxicating.

Go ahead and be mesmerised 

IMG_4533Head over to any one of their outlets to sample their new fragrance line available now. You can find them in Mid Valley Megamall, Pavilion, and Suria KLCC.

For more information, head on over to jomalone.com.my and you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @JoMaloneLondon

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