DearTime Sponsored Insurance Program Empowers Policyholders to Support Those in Need

DearTime, Malaysia’s pioneering life insurer in the Bank Negara Malaysia Fintech Regulatory Sandbox, has unveiled its Sponsored Insurance program as part of its commitment to ‘Touch One More Life‘. This groundbreaking initiative empowers DearTime policyholders to contribute up to 10% of their premiums to the DearTime Charity Fund, supporting individuals in the B1-B2 income groups with a monthly household income of less than RM3,170, by providing comprehensive insurance coverage.

Eligible applicants can discreetly apply through the user-friendly DearTime app, selecting their desired coverage and beneficiaries. Approvals are granted on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring fairness and equal opportunity for all qualified candidates.

By adopting a fully digital business model, DearTime enables customers to directly purchase, modify, and file insurance claims through their app or website, offering a convenient and affordable solution.

The DearTime Sponsored Insurance program fosters collective support and community engagement, allowing policyholders to make a tangible difference by not only securing their own coverage but also sponsoring those in need. To participate or learn more about DearTime’s Sponsored Insurance, visit

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