It’s hot. It’s really hot. And I’ve heard people say they are taking 4-6 showers a day in this heat. I don’t blame you! But now with the latest news of water cuts in KL and PJ on March 29, we thought it would be pretty timely to share how you can save water and reduce water usage during this hot spell.

Even more timely that it’s World Water Day today (22 March)! It’s a day to celebrate water. It’s a day to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water related issues. It’s a day to prepare for how we manage water in the future. Let’s all do our part with water conservation, because we all know there are definitely areas that we could do better in – whether it’s taking shorter showers, or turning off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth. Small steps make a big difference. #WorldWaterDay

Water usage in Malaysia – Did You Know? 

  • We are blessed with heavy rainfall and per year and are rich with water resources
  • 97% of our water resource is surface water, while 3% is ground water
  • However, Malaysians need to be better at conserving water and reducing wastage
  • In 2013, average water usage per day was 210 litres
  • In 2014, the average usage has risen by 2 liters which means 212 litres or about 141 bottles of 1.5 litres per person daily
  • Only 30 percent of the water usage is used for actual consumption such as cooking and drinking, while the rest of it is just for utilities like washing cars, washing pools and washing clothes
  • The consumption is still far beyond the water usage recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which is 165 liters per day
  • Malaysians already use far more water than our neighbours. A 2011 survey found that, the average Thai use only 90 litres a day, while Singaporeans consume 154 litres and are aiming to lower their daily usage to 100 litres.

10 ways to reduce water usage/save water

1. Shiny cars can wait. In times when you know there will be water cuts then in the scale of priority, washing you car isn’t one of them. That shiny clean car can wait, stretch out your last wash a little longer and save water.


2. Take quick showers, instead of baths. Forget the bath tub soak. Hop into your shower for 3-5 minutes, do what you need and clean yourself and hop out. There’s really no need to have a shower any longer than that. Also, you can turn off your showers when you’re soaping or washing your hair, and turn it back on to rinse. And for married couples, well, why not shower together.

3. Wash your dishes in two basins. If you’re lucky to have two sinks next to each other, fill them both up with water. Use one to dip your dirty dishes in, soap and scrub, and then dip it into the second sink for a final cleanse. If you don’t have two sinks/two basins, then be sure to turn off the tap in between soaping and rinsing so you don’t have a constant stream of water flowing at all times.

4. Hand wash your clothes in a bucket. Don’t do it under a sink of running water.

5. Wash full loads! Get your laundry done only when you have a full-load. If you need something washed urgently, hand wash it in a bucket.


6. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth/washing your face. You don’t need a full stream of water while you’re doing these tasks, turn the tap on when you need to rinse/gargle. Else, turn it off.

7. Use a watering can for your garden plants. Don’t use a running hose. Most plants don’t need to be over-watered, so a watering can gives you better control over the amount of water you’re using. Also, always check the soil before you water.

8. Check your water bill. Sometimes you could have hidden leaks that you’re not aware of. A good way to monitor this, is to check your usage bill on a monthly basis and be sure there aren’t any sudden spikes. If you have a visible leaking faucet, be sure to call a plumber over to get this fixed ASAP.

9. Install a flush saver in your toilet. These are the ones that give you a half-flush and full-flush option.

10. Reuse and recycle water as much as possible. If you have basins in your kitchen for washing vegetables, use the same water to water your garden. If you have a bucket for hand washing clothes, use the same bucket to wash your car. Be creative and always think about how you can reuse water before simply chucking it out

This year’s World Water Day theme is centered around ensuring we have better water, to create better jobs. Check out the trailer below.