Swarovski’s Crystal Creations Collection celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, a testament to its exquisite craftsmanship of creating statement pieces that never fail to brighten up your home. The vivid colours and thoughtfully placed facets signature to Swarovski is embodied in various pieces reflecting the beauty of nature yet maintaining its iconic charm and heritage.

Crystal Myriad
Crystal Myriad – Carmine Bee Eaters (RM80,560)

Designed by Juan Ignacio Aliena, this limited Carmine Bee Eaters was decorated by hand with 52, 888 crystals in a variety of rainbow colours, with only 400 pieces worldwide. This is the first Crystal Myriad design to feature a pair of birds, making this magnificent piece one of the most sought after art that is truly extraordinary.

The Iconic Swan
The Iconic Swan (RM2,965)

This iconic Swan figurine is the most popular collector’s item and its classical elegance never fails to captivate the viewers. As graceful as in nature, the Swan – the symbol of Swarovski showcases 116 sparkling facets.

Limited Edition Replica Mouse set
Limited Edition Replica Mouse set (RM685)

This beautiful whimsical Limited Edition Replica Mouse set celebrates 40 years of Swarovski figurines. It is inspired by the first ever Swarovski figurine, the Original Mouse, created in 1976 when an employee joined chandelier parts together creating this delightful piece. The set includes three mice in pink, blue, and yellow crystals making it a playful statement piece that adds joy to any home.