Malaysia Supermodel Search 2015 Can Now Be Viewed On Youtube

Malaysia Supermodel Search 2015 (MSS 2015), an online reality programme consisting of nine webisodes, can now be viewed on its official “Malaysia Supermodel Search” YouTube channel every Wednesday, beginning from September 9, 2015. MSS 2015 which is currently in its fifth edition, aims to discover the crop of supermodels in Malaysia who are not only bestowed with the talent of modelling, but also possess star qualities.


Winners to be announced on the Grand Finale on November 1, 2015 at Paradigm Mall

After a nationwide search through live auditions in both the Peninsular and East Malaysia, MSS 2015  has revealed its top 20 finalists through a fashion show preview at the new Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur in August 2015. The official list of MSS 2015 finalists is as follows:

Female finalists
1) Fish Zhang Yu, 25 years old (China)
2) Jeshreen Kaur Khaira, 19 years old (Kuala Lumpur)
3) Lara Wong Jing Mei, 20 years old (Penang)
4) Micah Cha Pui Lam, 18 years old (Kuala Lumpur)
5) Naveesyaah Kumarasamy, 18 years old (Selangor)
6) Nurfashikin binti Mohd. Faisal Gomez, 23 years old (Selangor)
7) Nur Ira Natasha binti Mohd. Noor, 22 years old (Kuala Lumpur)
8) Ong Cyii Cheng, 17 years old (Selangor)
9) Suraya Hanis binti Mohamad Sani, 24 years old (Kuala Lumpur)
10) Varent Teh Mei Chen, 24 years old (Penang)

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Male finalists
1) Amir Farhad, 22 years old (Iran)
2) Ash Tan Jee Yie, 23 years old (Johor)
3) Joash Kong Xin-Chern, 24 years old (Sarawak)
4) Khabibulla Iusupov, 20 years old (Uzbekistan)
5) Kyan Lee Kee Ann, 24 years old (Johor)
6) Kyle Lim Ji Pang, 21 years old (Johor)
7) Mika Aaron Jenewein, 17 years old (Selangor)
8) Nicholas Loh Chen Teng, 20 years old (Perak)
9) Ooi Jin Hoon, 21 years old (Selangor)
10) Wil Beh Khai Sheng, 21 years old (Selangor)

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According to the resident judge Amber Chia, Malaysia’s supermodel and the principal of Amber Chia Academy,  “Our finalists this year is a good mix in terms of looks, skills, and talents, so we cannot wait to help them bring out all those great potential through the upcoming challenges in store.”

Amber Chia, Malaysia's Supermodel and the principal of Amber Chia Academy
Amber Chia, Malaysia’s Supermodel and the principal of Amber Chia Academy
Judges (from left): Kelvin Tan, Amir Luqman, Amber Chia, Benjamin Toong, Wafa De Korte, Soo Xu Ze, Phoster
Judges (from left): Kelvin Tan, Amir Luqman, Amber Chia, Benjamin Toong, Wafa De Korte, Soo Xu Ze, Phoster

MSS 2015 will culminate in a final showdown at the grand finale on November 1, 2015 at Paradigm Mall. One from each of the respective lists will walk away from this competition with the title Malaysia Supermodel, and also become the 2016 face of Paradigm Mall. Besides a feature in Baccarat magazine and also cash prizes, the Winners will also receive an extensive list of yet to be announced prizes from the generous sponsors of MSS 2015.