KFC Malaysia Partners with PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and PUBG MOBILE for Exciting New Collaboration

KFC Malaysia has partnered with PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and PUBG MOBILE for an exciting new collaboration that will offer players exclusive in-game rewards and virtual dining experiences.

The collaboration will run from October 11 to November 7, 2023 on PC and from October 19 to November 15, 2023 on consoles.

To celebrate the collaboration, KFC Malaysia is launching a special Gamer Box meal, which will include a Zinger Burger, one chicken, one fries (M), one 6pc O.R. Nuggets, one Coleslaw (s) and one Drink. The Gamer Box will also include a voucher code for exclusive in-game rewards for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and PUBG MOBILE.

PUBG MOBILE players will be able to enjoy virtual dining experiences in KFC Royale Restaurants across the Erangel, Miramar, Nusa, and Livik maps. These in-game KFC restaurants will offer players the opportunity to feast on mouthwatering KFC delicacies, each with their own distinct health or energy boosts. Players will also be able to gear up in KFC themed items including the KFC Royale Colonel Set, Chicken Champ Cover and Set, Royale Delight Top and Parachute, Seasoned Squad Graffiti, and Crispy Crunch Avatar Frame.

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS players will also have the exciting opportunity to acquire KFC-themed in-game items and encounter KFC restaurants on the Erangel map. Inside these KFC restaurants, players can explore a variety of themed items available at the kiosks, including the KFC Chicken Box, KFC French Fries, and KFC Energy Drink – each offering health benefits. Game gear, wins and accessories include KFC themed Colonel’s Bucket Hat, Colonel’s Jacket, Colonel’s Shorts, Colonel’s Clogs, Colonel’s Parachute, and “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” Spray.

This collaboration is a great opportunity for KFC fans and PUBG players to come together and enjoy a unique and exciting gaming experience.

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