“A Timeless Lunar Reunion” at 1 Utama – Embracing Heritage and Festivities

As the Chinese New Year approaches, 1 Utama Shopping Centre welcomes shoppers to embark on a nostalgic journey through time with the enchanting theme of “A Timeless Lunar Reunion.” From January 12th to February 13th, 2024, the shopping centre transforms into a vibrant celebration of Malaysia’s rich heritage, offering an immersive experience that captures the essence of Nanyang-styled merchant lanes and the historic charm of Old Market Square.

Nanyang-styled Merchant Lane: A Step Back in Time

At the LG Oval, visitors are transported through the annals of time, exploring a Majestic Theatre adorned with vintage posters from iconic classic films. The Nanyang-styled Merchant Lane, characterized by Chinese-inspired designs, rustic wood, and patterned mosaic tiles, breathes life into the vibrant stories of bygone roadside peddlers. Plum blossoms and mandarin trees create a picturesque scene, complemented by the whimsical glow of Chinese lanterns.

Old Market Square: A Culinary and Cultural Feast

The GF Centre Court hosts a lively ‘Medan Pasar’ scene featuring a 30-foot Clock Tower replica from 1937, proudly standing as a testament to Malaysia’s rich history. Classic hawker stalls with colorful umbrellas offer traditional delights, creating a bustling atmosphere reminiscent of outdoor markets. Shoppers can savor traditional delicacies, including dimsum, Chinese pastries, poon choi, roasted meat, lap mei fan, assorted kuih, and more.

Wushu Martial Arts Display: Strength and Grace Unveiled

Explore the intricate skill of traditional Chinese martial arts with an impressive display of authentic Wushu equipment. Strike a pose next to martial art icons like Bruce Lee and Ip Man, capturing the spirit and grace of these legendary figures. Delve into exhibits of vintage furniture, each steeped in history, waiting to be rediscovered.

Festive Shopping: Elevate Your Lunar Look

Indulge in festive retail therapy by exploring trendy cheongsams and artisanal accessories to enhance your Lunar New Year look. Discover thoughtfully curated festive hampers, traditional Chinese delicacies, and confectionaries to elevate your reunion dinner experience.

Special Performances: A Cultural Extravaganza

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing rhythms of award-winning Khuan Loke Acrobatic Lion Dance and Chingay shows. Witness the fiery spectacle of the Dragon Dance, promising an exhilarating and culturally rich experience.

Gift Redemption and Exclusive Offers: Prosperity Abounds

Shoppers can redeem Prosperity Rewards with a minimum spend, including 1 Utama Dragon Angpow Packet Set, ONECARD Angpow, Prosperity Mug Set, Soup Canister, and Bucketful Treasure Sets. Exclusive offers for HSBC Credit Cardholders include a free Porcelain Lidden Cup Set and ONECARD Gift Card.

Roaring Beginnings with ONECARD & 1PAY: Exciting Rewards Await

Enjoy rewards and cashback with 1PAY, send e-Angpow on 1 Utama’s SuperApp, or apply for a free 5-year membership with the promo code ‘DRAGON24’ for Dragon babies.

Blossoms of Prosperity at ONESHOP.com.my: Shop and Receive Exclusive Gifts

Spend at ONESHOP.com.my to receive 1 Utama Angpow Packets, Ceramic Fortune Cat, e-Angpow, limited edition LEGO Red Crown Crane, and other gifts.

For more details on 1 Utama’s Chinese New Year events and promotions, contact the Customer Service Centre at Tel: 03-7710 8118 or check updates on 1 Utama’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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