A Delicious Dive into Malaysia’s Most Popular Raya Cookies

As a Malaysian, there’s nothing quite as delightful as exploring the vibrant tapestry of flavours during Hari Raya. Sure, the dazzling lights and joyous gatherings are a feast for the senses, but it’s the Raya Cookies (Kuih Raya) that truly capture the essence of togetherness. These bite-sized wonders are more than just sweet treats, they’re cherished traditions passed down through generations, each bursting with unique flavours and textures.

In conjunction with the Raya celebrations, we’re here to take you on a delicious journey through some of Malaysia’s most popular Raya cookie varieties, along with the popular recipes we found on YouTube. Get ready to tantalise your taste buds with some of the most beloved cookies on the Raya table!

 Coconut Cookies (Kuih Bangkit):
A true classic, these melt-in-your-mouth delights offer a delightful textural contrast – crumbly at first bite, then dissolving into a burst of coconut flavour.

Layered Cake (Kuih Sarim Lapis):
A visual and culinary masterpiece, these rainbow-coloured treats are layered with tapioca flour and coconut milk. They offer a subtle sweetness and a satisfyingly chewy texture.

Snowball Cookies (Kuih Makmur):
A popular east coast Malaysian treat, round, this delectable treat takes the form of round-shaped, dry snacks crafted from a blend of wheat flour, eggs, and rich ingredients like beef tallow or butter, filled with fried peanuts, almonds, and more.

Pineapple Tarts (Tart Nenas):
A delightful dance of sweet and tangy, these melt-in-your-mouth pineapple tartlets are a crowd-pleaser. The buttery, crumbly crust encases a rich pineapple filling, creating a truly unforgettable flavour explosion.

Fluffy Sponge Cakes (Kuih Bahulu):
For those who prefer a lighter treat, these fluffy sponge cakes come in various flavours, offering a soft and airy texture that perfectly complements a cup of coffee or tea.

Love Letters (Kuih Kapit):
These wafer-thin, crispy snacks intricately designed like folded fans or “love letters”. Crafted from rice flour, coconut milk, eggs, and sugar, they offer a delicate, coconut-infused sweetness, melting in every bite.

Mazola Peanut Cookies (Biskut Kacang Mazola):
Bite-sized rounds of cookies boast rich peanut flavour with a buttery undertone, striking a perfect balance of sweetness and nuttiness. Crafted from premium peanuts, flour, sugar, and Mazola oil for a crisp, irresistible treat.

Almond Cookies (Biskut Badam):
Boasts a crisp texture and nutty sweetness, these almond cookies crafted from premium almonds, flour, sugar, and fragrant almond extract offer a delightful balance of flavours.

This Hari Raya, embark on a delicious journey through Malaysian culture. Savour the unique flavours and textures of these iconic Raya cookies, and experience the heartwarming tradition of sharing that lies at the heart of this joyous celebration.

What’s your favourite Raya cookie? Share the flavour with us in the comments below!

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