Versace Jeans Couture ‘Freedom Now’ Embraces Different Perspectives to Send Hope & Optimism

In Freedom Now, Versace Jeans Couture (VJC) commissioned three young artists, Atlanta based collage artist and photographer Savana Ogburn, Paris-based director Vincent Catel and Paris-based fashion and documentary photographer Naguel Rivero, to visually interpret what freedom means to them. Aimed at giving voice to the shakers and shapers of tomorrow, the project is a continuation of the brand’s series of artists’ collaborations, including How We Holiday and Vision for the Future. 

Versace Jeans Couture selected artists from different backgrounds to interpret this concept through a medium of their choice, with the aim to bring together different perspectives and send out a message of hope and optimism. 

Savana Ogburn x VJC

“Freedom means being able to inhabit a variety of selves throughout our lives”, said Savana Ogburn.

Savana Ogburn explores freedom as the ability to constantly reinvent oneself and our identities. Humor, beauty, and pop culture are frequently explored in Savana’s work through a campy, colorful, and textural lens. With a series of kitsch and pop collages, Ogburn captures various facets of femininity through three different characters – a spirited garden gnome, a pastel alien and a vampiress.

Vincent Catel x VJC

Deeply inspired by cinema and documentary photography, Vincent Catel‘s work explores themes ranging from intimacy and alterity to the passing of time. His short film captures an idealized concept of freedom through the story of two motorcycle riders who fall in love in a dreamlike landscape. An ironic and playful take on the cliche imagery and stylish innocence of ‘80s Hollywood films, the short movie aims to set these archetypal characters free.

Naguel Rivero x VJC

For Freedom Now, Naguel Rivero wants to create a portrait that depicts how youth looks in a post pandemic world. Through playful and carefree posing he explores notions of empathy, adaptation, and self-acceptance.

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