Pedro Spring 2018 Envisions A Funground Of The Past

For Spring Summer 2018 Pedro relives the notion of the funground of our past, capturing muted vibrancy in the present day. The campaign brings about street smart staples with the subtlety of retro glam meet quirky and cutting-edge.

This season it’s all about the convergence of street-grunge flair and its revitalization. Amidst the quirk, a quiet of hyper activity comes about. Recollections revisit and the individuals move, captured in reminiscence amongst what once was – anticipated rides demanding exhilaration and freedom.

Pedro SS18 Campaign_01-minPedro SS18 Campaign_02-minPedro SS18 Campaign_03-minPedro SS18 Campaign_04-minPedro SS18 Campaign_07-minPedro SS18 Campaign_08-minPedro SS18 Campaign_10-minPedro SS18 Campaign_11-minPedro SS18 Campaign_13-minPedro SS18 Campaign_15-minPedro SS18 Campaign_16-minPedro SS18 Campaign_17-minPedro SS18 Campaign_18-minPedro SS18 Campaign_19-min

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