Melissa x Marc Jacobs Drop Their Second Capsule Collection

In an exciting fusion of style and sustainability, Melissa and Marc Jacobs have unveiled their second capsule collection for the Pre-Fall season.

This collaboration captures the edgy essence of Marc Jacobs’ designs, emphasising innovative, eco-friendly footwear. The collection, featuring three distinct styles, is set to charm fashion enthusiasts with its blend of design excellence and environmental consciousness.

Melissa Becky + Marc Jacobs

The Melissa Becky is a bold platform shoe, crafted from Melissa’s unique Melflex material, a 100% recyclable PVC. This eco-friendly shoe comes in vibrant colors and showcases Marc Jacobs’ signature design flair. Perfect for those who love fashion and care about the environment, the Melissa Becky is available in sizes US5 to US10 and retails at RM 869.

Melissa Ruby + Marc Jacobs

Inspired by classic ballerinas, the Melissa Ruby features a sleek metallic finish and a light, casual shape. Made from Melflex, it combines elegance with sustainability, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. This stylish and environmentally conscious shoe is available in sizes US5 to US10, with a retail price of RM 679.

Melissa Mule + Marc Jacobs

The Melissa Mule returns with new designs, featuring a polished exterior and a comfortable 9 cm heel. This stylish shoe is perfect for fashion lovers who value both comfort and style. Available in sizes US5 to US8, the Melissa Mule retails at RM 1,429.

The full collection will be available from 20 June 2024, exclusively at Melissa Store, G-51, Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Center.

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