M Missoni Spring/Summer 2016 collection is playfully upbeat, perfect for sparking both smiles and dreams, bringing a sense of humor to the forefront…

The secret is in the exquisitely original references, complete with fresh twists & turns, to the wonderful world of the circus. The once upon a time way, offering all the delightful innocence of the 1940s. This magical universe with fabulous array of characters, costumes & apparatus influences the entire collection, inspiring a multiplicity of revisitations. Surprisingly unusual, discreetly unique.

From the circus comes a spirit of freedom, for example. Giving definition firstly to styles & shapes, as in above-the-knee skirts and comfort fit ankle cropped pants. With a minimal “return to order” in the ’40s; influences as to beachwear, the many ample (not too short albeit leg baring) shorts, flared skirts and dresses, semi-pointy good girl collars – whether all white in stark contrast to the clothing’s kaleidoscopic colors & patterns, or deliciously distinctive thanks to new micro-macro designs.

Most of all, the collection captures a circus inspired sense of imagination. The beading on the costumes of acrobat trapeze artists becomes jacquard pindots creating splashy constellations on the clothes. Then there’s the take on the pierrot clown collar, ranging from a ruffle along a round neckline all the way to a sort of cape capping an outfit.