Swarovski has once again partnered with the legendary fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier to create a second collection of ‘Reverse’ for Autumn/Winter 2016, following the success of Atelier Swarovski’s collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier for Spring/Summer 2016.

‘Reverse’ expands and evolves the innovative and modern shapes of the first collection with new colorways, finishes and styles. Jean Paul Gaultier plays with the concept of ‘perfect imperfection’, working with his ‘Kaputt’ cut Swarovski crystals, first showcased in his Spring/Summer 2015 haute couture collection.

Reverse comes in two executions for Autumn/Winter 2016: an opulent, intricate reworking of Jean Paul Gaultier’s debut collection for the main Atelier Swarovski line, and an additional line designed with everyday wear in mind.

Featuring asymmetric jewelry styles, the collection will come in two finishes, a luxurious Ruthenium with Silver Night colored crystals, and a second Rhodium-plated metal with clear crystals. The icy color palette and meteor-like cut and finish of the Kaputt crystal ensure the latest pieces sit perfectly alongside the shooting star and comet inspirations of Swarovski’s wider Autumn/Winter 2016 ‘Crystal Galaxy’ theme.

The Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Reverse’ collections for Atelier Swarovski will be available from September 2016 in Swarovski stores, independent retailers and online at atelierswarovski.com.

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