Get Ready for Vacay in Style with These Trendy Eyewear

Transport yourself to your dream vacay with the latest eyewear trends from Luxottica. From retro classics to jazzy glitters, get in the mood for every adventure be it a beach vacay or city tour.

Reactive Skin

Black is the superhero in captivating aesthetic, focusing on the evolution of “dark”, with a colour that wows with subtle reflectivity and cloud-like patterns and textures. Future-minimal design continues to be key with high levels of technical innovation, smart finishes like metallic colourations and liquid-like forms.

Twisted Pop

Simple shapes that make an impact in contrasting textures with colors. Playful constructions fueled by 80s and 90s nostalgia create high impact with unexpected combinations.

Ennoble Matter

Nature continues to challenge and influence modern creativity. Stimulating development of aesthetic languages that associates with the industrialization of raw and organic materials. Authentic and timeless design is valued in both minimal and crafted variations.

Deco Minimalism

Clean silhouettes and tonal surfaces that create a blank canvas. Inspired by the streamline modern style of art deco, raw materials meet clean construction to create new geometries.

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