Create Your Own Style with Pandora ME

Pandora ME, a new collection by Pandora that encourages a new intuitive way of styling and wearing personalised and customisable designs. It invites you to play around and interact with all the elements of the pieces – where you can remix your link chain bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings with styling links, fun connectors, mini dangles and statement medallions into your very own special story.

Pandora ME celebrates freedom of individuality with designs that are of matte and polished finishes to vibrantly coloured enamels where colours and metals harmonise despite their differences. Each design is made to be adaptable and flexible to reflect every side of your personality.

Pandora ME Link Chain Bracelet

A statement link bracelet that represents the ultimate freedom of styling featuring elements that YOU love, perfect for any occasion.

Pandora ME Medallions

These medallions add flavours to your styling through the unique mixure of colour, sparkle and symbolism that elevates your presence in a crowd.

Pandora ME Styling Word Links

Connect these super eye-catching word links which are made with different fonts, metals and scripts to give your style a voice, a great way to communicate your personality.

Pandora ME Rings

Level up your game by taking your ring stacking up a notch where you combine two or more rings with a styling ring connector for a fun and adventurous look.

Inspired by the new Gen Z mindset, this Pandora ME collection empowers you to be bold, free and unapologetic where no styling is off limits with the belief that self-expression is everything. Mix and match the jewelleries according to your mood, core values or as a reminder to yourself as an epitome of ‘ME’. Communicate your personality by wearing your mantra anywhere, anyhow and anytime.

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