10 Parts of Eyewear You Should Know

The first step in finding the perfect pair of eyewear is to understand how they work. Knowing the components that make up an eyewear will help you to find a pair that not only improve your eyesight, but fit well and look great on you too.

10 Parts of Eyewear:


Part of the eyeglass frame that holds the lenses in place and bridges the top of the nose


Clear or tinted material placed inside the eye wires designed to hold the wearer’s prescription or magnification.  Lenses commonly come in clear glass, plastic, or polycarbonate.

For sunglasses, it helps the vision against sunlight and provides protection against UV rays. There are a variety of lens coatings that can make your lenses scratch resistant, anti-reflective, polarized, mirrored, and tinted


Front portion of the eyewear. The part of the frame surrounding and holding the lenses inserted in the internal groove


Portion of the frame that extends outward from the lenses and connects to the temples


Section that arches up between the lenses over the nose. It is designed to support the majority (90%) of the eyewear weight


Bar that runs across the top of the bridge between the two lenses, to provide extra support

The top bar is not present on all sunglasses but is commonly found on aviator styles


Also called ‘joint’. It’s the folding metal part of the frame that connects the rim to the temple and allows the temple to lay flat and fold inward

The best hinge doesn’t exist, but the perfect hinge for each model


Soft small silicone or vinyl pieces placed under the bridge beneath either side

They help to keep the frame in its proper position and distribute the weight for a comfortable and snug fit, it can be attached directly to the frame or the pad arm


Also called the ‘side’, it’s the ‘arm’ of a pair of glasses connecting the front of the frame to the temple tip, extending over the ear to help hold the sunglasses in place

It fits in the front thanks to the hinge and the earpiece


Plastic coating that often covers the portion of the temple that rests on top of the ear to guarantee stability to the frame

The earpiece provides added comfort to the wearer and is common among glasses with metal frames

Source: Kaca-kaca

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