#PamperMyBeauty 2018 K-Beauty: 8 Korean Beauty Youtubers To Subscribe To

#PamperMyBeauty 2018 K-Beauty: 8 Korean Beauty Youtubers To Subscribe To-Pamper.my

There are the celebrities and then, there are your everyday people that are your tried & tested experts in all things K-beauty! Youtube is filled with so many Korean Beauty Youtubers that are obsessed with all things K-beauty related but we’ve narrowed down to the eight that have been garnered a huge following for their amazing skills and useful tips that you can’t help but want to replicate too!

#PamperMyBeauty 2018 K-Beauty: 8 Korean Beauty Youtubers To Subscribe To-Pamper.myHere are our top 8 Korean Beauty Youtubers that you should subscribe to!

1. 1. Pony

Korean Beauty Youtuber, PONY
Credits: www.instagram.com/ponysmakeup

You can say she’s one of the biggest Korean Beauty Youtuber (she has more than 4.3 million subscribers on Youtube!) at the moment with many collabs from brands such as Etude House, Shiseido, and Bobbi Brown to name a few. We’re obsessed with her effortless makeup tutorials that looks easy to follow and her celebrity makeup transformations are pretty spot-on! She’s also friends with famous Korean celebrities such as CL and Yenny from Wondergirls. Check out her latest makeup tutorial below!

2. 2. Jen Kim aka Meejmuse

Korean Beauty Youtuber, Meejmuse aka Jen Kim
Credits: www.instagram.com/meejmuse

She’s a Korean who lived in Australia and Seoul so she does videos in both English and Korean. What we love about her is how she’s always reviewing new and unique K-beauty products yet stay real too. She also has a pet parrot who sometimes appear on her videos as well. Have you seen her latest video where she tried out a huge cushion foundation?

3. 3. SunnyDahye

Korean Beauty Youtuber, Sunnydahye
Credits: www.instagram.com/sunnydahye

Sunny speaks 3 languages, English, Korean, and Bahasa Indonesia (she grew up in Indonesia!) so she does a variety of content to suit her international fans. She was here recently for The Face Shop where some lucky fans got to meet her. She does a mix of skincare, makeup, and vlogs and you can’t help but to like her bubbly personality!

4. 4. Ssin

Korean Beauty Youtuber, Ssin
Credits: www.instagram.com/ssinnim

She’s a chameleon because she does a lot of beauty transformation videos on celebrities that are so good that you won’t be surprised why she has over 1.5 million subscribers! She’s also a fan of roadshop makeup and does one brand tutorials that are pretty useful for us who are new to the brand, just like her latest makeup tutorial using Aritaum makeup.

5. 5. Joan Kim

Korean Beauty Youtuber, Joan Kim
Credits: www.facebook.com/joankeem/

She’s a Korean-American living in Seoul so her videos are bilingual with sometimes English or Korean subtitles. We’re always excited to see her monthly favourites and skincare routines! She also has a Vlog channel and shares about her favourite fashion finds too. Check out her latest video below!

6. 6. So Young

Korean Beauty Youtuber, So Young
Credits: www.instagram.com/soyoung0201

So Young is a fan of indie or in her term, roadshop makeup brands so she mixes both high end to indie Korean beauty brands to create wearable makeup looks that are peachy or brown tones which she’s a pro at! Her videos are in Korean but she includes the product names in English so you can find out what’s she’s using. See her latest tutorial below.

7. 7. Edward Avilla

Korean Beauty Youtuber, Edward Avilla

Ever since he moved to Seoul from America, he got hooked to all things K-beauty and where else did he went to share his love? Youtube of course! He’s one of the few men in Korea that’s an expert in ‘boy beauty’. He’s also friends with fellow Korean Beauty Youtuber, Joan Kim so they also do video collabs together! Check out the latest one makeup video he did with Joan.

8. 8. Lamuqe

Korean Beauty Youtuber, LAMUQE
Credits: www.instagram.com/lamuqe_magicup

She has over 1.2 million subscribers on Youtube, plus her makeup skills is on point, you have to watch her transformation makeup tutorials! The latest tutorial where she transformed herself to Yang Mi is so gorgeous!

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