QuickChatWithPamper: DEAN Revealed How “Instagram” Was Born & His Current Favourite Songs

One of the most anticipated acts for Good Vibes Festival 2019, DEAN, a South Korean R&B singer who’s making waves with his single “Instagram” is set to take the stage this Sunday. We managed to catch up with him to talk about his obsession with James Dean, his crew FANXY CHILD and what’s cooking for his new album.

1. When did you know that you wanted to do music? What sparked your interest in the first place?

DEAN: I realized it when I was rapping at 16. I used to love expressing feelings through painting, writing and different presentations.

2. Being a huge James Dean fan, you have talked about the influence he had on you and your music. Would you consider him as your alter ego? How different is DEAN from the real you?

DEAN: I love his attitude, mind and the energy in his [James Dean] eyes. But apart from that, I’m a different person. DEAN and HYEOK KWON [his real name] are becoming more similar though.

3. You have worked with some of the biggest names in Korea, as well as internationally, in terms of collaboration and featuring like Anderson .Paak and Syd. Can we look forward to any upcoming collaboration soon?

DEAN: I’m focusing more on sounds that only I can create at the moment. There may not be collaboration with singers but you can expect some with producers!

4. Out of all the songs that you have released, which song is your favourite and why?

DEAN: “Instagram” was actually an eye-opening experience for me. As a composer, I’m used to writing songs for others. Songs that would sell, do well on charts and make people want to listen to. One day, I realised that I couldn’t keep doing that, so I just started writing my own story. Seeing how my own experience turned into a phenomenon filled me a lot of thoughts and ideas for the future. I love that everyone loved the song.

5. Your crew, FANXY CHILD, is one of the most talked about r&b/hip-hop crews in Korea. Most of the members have made a breakthrough into the music scene. Is there any plan to go on a worldwide tour together and perform as a crew?

DEAN: FANXY CHILD was established by ZICO. It’s more of a social crew of people of the
same age rather than a movement.

6. Can you reveal some of the (heavy rotation) songs that you have been listening to a lot lately?

DEAN: Chilly Gonzales – Solo Piano I, II, III, Deb Never, Dominic Fike, Daniel Caesar,
MISO, Rad Museum and TABBER’s new songs.

7. Is there any rising artist(s) that you are excited about?


8. What are some of the misconceptions about yourself that you have heard people talked about?

DEAN: Well, it’s fine to have misconceptions. I don’t really mind it and just focus on love!

9. Who is DEAN? (describe DEAN in 5 words or less)

DEAN: you will knovv.