How to Look Younger by Simply Saying ‘NO’

Everyone dream of staying youthful and fit without having to lift a finger. Although that might not be possible, we are here to share with you key tips that will allow you to slow down the aging process, or even put it on hold, with minimum effort.

Simply put your foot down and say NO to the following, and you are readily on your way to a younger, healthier and definitely happier self!

  1. Say NO to Diets

Everyone knows that our normal bodily functions require a moderate amount of fat. So stop depriving your body of the joy of good food by forcing yourself to spend a fortune on those so-called ‘fat-free’, ‘low-calories’ or even ‘healthy food’. Never attempt to eat only low fat food that fails to even satisfy your taste buds, and stop counting the calories of every single bite you take! Eating should be a pleasant experience that brings joy to you and the people around you, so don’t ruin it by constantly being on your toes. The more you worry, the faster you age! Always practice moderation when it comes to selecting what you put in your mouth. As long as you avoid food that is basically coronary heart disease on a plate, or diabetes in a cup, then you have no reason to be concerned.

  1. Say NO to Overlong Cardio Workouts

Spending an excessive amount of time running on the treadmill or other long bouts of cardio workouts had actually been proven to accelerate the aging process. This is contributed mainly by the free radicals that are increasingly produced in your body during such excessive physical activities. Therefore, instead of spending hours after hours of your precious time on the treadmill, you’re better off opting for other cardiovascular conditioning that could be achieved within far lesser amount of time and effort. So start saying YES to smarter ways of exercising!

Kate Winslet on still looking gorgeous at almost 40 "I follow a different approach to beauty,"
Kate Winslet on still looking gorgeous at almost 40 “I follow a different approach to beauty,”
  1. Say NO to Dehydration

It is scientifically proven that increasing your daily H2O intake can effectively enhance your health and help you to lose weight faster and easier, as water plays a crucial role in allowing your body to burn fat more effectively. Water keeps you healthy by contributing to the proper functioning of pivotal organs such as your kidneys and liver. Water also provides your skin with the moisture needed to stay radiant and youthful looking. In addition to that, drinking more water helps to suppress hunger and allows you to keep your appetite under control. The ideal amount of daily water intake is around 12 ounces. So start gulping down those clean clear water to stay young, fresh, and rejuvenated!

  1. Say NO to Immoderation

Everything in life should be done in moderation. Practicing moderation has been proven to be the key to gaining success for many. The same goes to exercising and eating. You should never overdo something just because it is said to be beneficial to you. For example, just because cardio workouts are supposed to help you stay fit, does not mean you should be doing it excessively by spending hours after hours every day attending cardio classes like spinning and kickboxing. However, we are not saying that you should not be doing any cardio workouts at all. We are simply telling you to do it in moderation. In fact, instead of spending too much time and energy on heavy cardio workouts, why not try some old-school resistance training. It would probably take you less than half of the time, yet bring equal or even better results!

  1. Say NO to Negativity

Research has proven that age does not deter a person from getting in shape, as we are still able to gain muscle tone within a short span of time, given the right regime of lifting exercises, even if we’re already in our 90s. With that being said, it is never too late to change your body. If you are unhappy with your current shape or size, DO NOT use age as an excuse to prevent yourself from doing something about it. One should never stop challenging oneself to be the best that one can be. By constantly challenging yourself towards self-improvement, you are also keeping both your state of mind and body young.