The Only CrossFit Shoes You Will Need For Training

Designed to provide athletes the best support, Under Armour Charged Ultimate 3.0 is perfect for CrossFit athletes, keeping the athletes at the peak of their performance. The Under Armour Charged Ultimate 3.0 is the gear for athletes who practices the CrossFit program which incorporates combinations of various functional trainings such as pull-ups, squats, push-ups and rowing.

The Under Armour Charged Ultimate 3.0 is lightweight, flexible and durable as it has a breathable mesh upper. The synthetic strap on forefoot gives an additional stability for athletes during the training session. The Charged Cushioning® midsole absorbs all impact and converts into a responsive burst of energy which aids athletes in their intensive training session.

With the rubber outsole, the pair of Under Armour Charged Ultimate 3.0 increases durability, traction and support. The sole of the shoe comes in customized tread pattern for traction on any types of surface. It is designed to provide the best grip for athletes during their workout.

Under Armour Charged Ultimate 3.0

3020548-001_A3020548-001_SOLE3020548-001_PAIR3020548-300_PAIR3020548-100_PAIR3020548-002_PAIRUnder Armour Charged Ultimate 3.0 is available at Under Armour Brand House or online, retailing at RM429. Maximize your training today with Under Armour Charged Ultimate 3.0.

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